The Zoo belongs to Asteria deWinter and Nessarose deWinter, and is located in the back yard of the Spira Mansion.

Until Asteria was 18 and Nessarose was 4 years old, their father, Xander Starkiller, had placed a ban on pets in the house. However, when the ban was lifted, the girls were given a credit card and told they could go buy pets. No one had actually mentioned a limit to the amount of pets the girls could buy, and they ended up buying an entire Pet Market, gathering all the animals within it save the snakes. [1]

Notable AnimalsEdit

As the years progressed and the animals bred, the zoo currently holds a few hundred animals. Below are mentioned a few notable ones among them:

  • Mookah & Meekah, a pair of mookas.
    • Nymeria, Ghost, Grey wind, Lady, Shaggy, their offspring.
  • Jax - male and female.
  • Llamas - male and female.
  • Horses - male and female.
  • Ponies - male and female.
  • Tusk Cats - male and female.
  • Hoth Dogs - male and female.


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