The Starkiller family is a well known Force Using family with a mixed reputation. Predominately Sith, there are a handful of Jedi within the family and their deeds alone salvage a little bit of the negative attitude the galaxy had towards the family.

Key MembersEdit

Redden Stark A.K.A Redden Starkiller founded the line of Starkillers when he left his family behind and altered his last name from Stark to Starkiller. He was a Mandalorian Soldier and the first of many lines Sith Lords to bare the last name

Jax Starkiller The Sith Lord that through his own personal gain mixed his family line with that of the Corellian Jedi family the Halcyon's and began the new line of Starkiller descendents.

Xander Starkiller the current Family Patriarch Xander Starkiller rose to the top of the Sith Order twice, being the First Starkiller to obtain the rank of Dark Lord of the Sith as well as Dark Lord of the Sith Imperium a position on par with Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

Much like his father but taking it a step further, Xander spread his family ties through many of the strongest Force Using families today, including the Draclau, Cavataio and deWinter famililes.

His forays into the realm of experimentation with the Force created many heirs to the family Legacy including" Lauda Cavataio and through his own genetic modification: Alistair Starkiller and Asteria deWinter.

Mark Starkiller the black sheep of the family. A Jedi Master and a very powerful Force User in his own right. Mark was trained as a Sith for the first 10 years of his life but was released from the Family legacy when a head injury erased his memories and allowed him to the join the Jedi, reaching the rank of Master and mentoring his brother Xander's oldest son Jason as a Jedi.

Having recently found out that he sired a daughter, Jemma Venn, the Jedi Starkiller has discovered that he himself had unknowingly started his own line and his own tradition away from the Sith part of the family.


Most members of the Starkiller family hail from the world of Corellia though several members have been born off world but could still be considered Corellian at least through connection of their parents and grandparents.

Strong physical traits inherent in most Starkiller's is black and brown hair and bright blue eyes. Most members of this family are considered warriors and scholars and have an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge. Another common trait is an affinity for mechanics and engineering.

Pretty much every member is Force Sensitive and most are considered strong in the Force.


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