Corstris Astrographical


Outer Rim Territories


Quelli Sector


Corstris System





Grid Coordinates


Rotation period

24 hours

Orbital period

370 days



Type I (Breathable)



Primary Terrain

  • Forests
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Waterfalls
  • Ocean

Points of Interest


Native Species


Immigrated Species


Primary Language(s)

  • Galactic Basic
  • Ancient Sith


Authoritative Meritocracy

Executive Leadership

Grand Lord

Legislative Leadership

Council of Lords

Judicial Leadership

Council of Lords


280,000 (Estimate)

Major Cities

Corstris is the birthworld of Cameron Centurion. The planet itself has never held a major population and is composed almost exclusively of massive, sprawling forests. Several lakes, rivers, and a handful of waterfalls do dot the surface of the planet, providing an abundant supply of fresh water in the temperate environment. Due to Corstris' remote location, it is rarely if ever visited by merchants not directly dispatched to the system. The coordinates of the system remain largely elusive, but they do exist. Having been discovered by chance several decades ago by Lord Alathor, the location of Corstris eventually made it into Sith navigational computers. The planet's lack of population or exploitable resource remains its only saving grace.

A Sith SanctuaryEdit

Following the resignation of Lord Illuminus as a Shadow Hand of Xander Starkiller, the Sith Lord directed his considerable military force to the world of his birth. Sith forces immediately set out identifying ideal locations for settlement based on the vicinity to a water supply and the amount of vegetation coverage. For several months, the men and women of Shadow Force either lived on ships in orbit or in tents on the ground. It would be nearly a year before the first small settlement was complete.

During the year of building, vessels transported individuals to collect belongings and family members from their homes. A number of individuals elected not to be a part of this new life and were permitted to return to the Sith Imperium prior to ever reaching Corstris.

Following the death of Lord Illuminus, Lord Irae ordered any remnants of Shadow Force military units and activities destroyed. Forty-six Imperial vessels, tens of thousands of soldiers, and numerous upgraded military and civilian structures were all completely destroyed when Lord Irae instituted the 'final protocol'. Designed to be used in the event of Shadow Force being completely overrun, Lord Irae elected to use it to keep those he viewed as unworthy from tarnishing the memory of the strength that was Shadow Force.

Most members of Shadow Force retreated to locations unknown. Some are content to live out their life in peace while others secretly plan to bring about the true undoing of the Sith Imperium - believing a reversion to a basic level is necessary to wipe away the filth that has invaded the Sith at every level in the galaxy.

Orbital SecurityEdit

Following the initiation of the genocide and biological warfare on Coruscant, Grand Lord Illuminus ordered the transfer of several vessels to the vicinity of the Corstris System. This small task force makes routine trips between Corstris and Kuat via varied routes for the purposes of refit and transferring

1 x Eclipse-class Dreadnaught
2 x Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer
3 x Victory-class Star Destroyer Mk. I
3 x Lancer-class Frigate