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Curupira D'Arr Hawk
Faction Rank
Force Practitioner Knight
Dathomiri Spellweaver
Varies; 85 mentally;
13 physically

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Curupira D'Arr Hawk is a Dathomirian Force Sensitive female, born into a long line of lightside Witches in the Singing Mountain Clan. Survivor of a Nightsister attack when she was only five, the redhead with golden eyes was sold into slavery and later taken in and raised by Seth Draclau.

Fiercly devoted to her family, Curupira left her Guardian at the age of eighteen, became a Jedi under her sister's tutorship; left the Jedi when she met Ket Van Derveld whom she took as a mate, becoming a Sith at his request.

When her sister Ti'Cira disappeared one day, Curupira left all her faction ties behind her, searching for the older Witch. Sixty years later, she never did find her but through the help of her great grandmother Satara, she threw away all Sith affiliation and became a Force Practitioner, learning again about the culture she originates from and advancing her spell knowledge.

Slowly admitting defeat in her search, Ruu is slowly returning back to the galaxy.


General PersonalityEdit

A hyper and cheerful child from the very beginning, Curupira spent some years toning down that personality when she was forced to as a child slave on a planet she can't name to this very day. It was with Seth Draclau that Ruu's true natural emerged and grew completely. Free from child labor, hard punishments and terrible people who cared little for her well being, Ruu developed into the young woman that she is today.

Carefree, happy, adventurous, in love with life, fierce protector of her kin, Ruu knows what she wants and when she wants and more often than not had gotten exactly that. Her emotions hit her quick without postponing and she will act on them, not much thought put into it. Even as Jedi, she preferred to have fun and not cared what other people thought about the things Curupira herself found to be entertaining. Innocent fun with this redhead is something that can occupy her for a minute or two, after that she'll find it boring and want to find something better.

Ruu hates being labeled. Good, evil, weird... just don't do it. A simple, she is who she is fits her the best, not much carrying on how someone will judge her.

Since her cloning, most of personality has remained though intact, Curupira would always remain that happy, protective girl but the animal inside had made her rely more on her instict and her protectiveness towards her nearest kin has certainly increased since the change. She's always grown more focused and edgier than she had been before. 

Character FlawsEdit

  • Addict - One who is addicted, as to narcotics or a compulsive activity. (Fun, Games, Messing with people, watching havoc ensue)
  • Blunt - Characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion. Frank, callous, insensitive, brusque.
  • Bold - In a bad sense, too forward; taking undue liberties; over assuming or confident; lacking proper modesty or restraint; rude; impudent. Abrupt, brazen, cheeky, brassy, audacious.
  • Childish - Marked by or indicating a lack of maturity; puerile.
  • Disturbed - Showing some or a few signs or symptoms of mental or emotional illness. Confused, disordered, neurotic, troubled.
  • Egotistical - Characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance. Boastful, pompous.
  • Erratic - Deviating from the customary course in conduct or opinion; eccentric: erratic behavior. Eccentric, bizarre, outlandish, strange.
  • Fierce - Marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently; fervid; "fierce loyalty"; "in a tearing rage"; "vehement dislike"; "violent passions".
  • Finicky - Excessively particular or fastidious; difficult to please; fussy. Too much concerned with detail. Meticulous, fastidious, choosy, critical, picky, prissy, persnickety.
  • Fixation - In psychoanalytic theory, a strong attachment to a person or thing, especially such an attachment formed in childhood or infancy and manifested in immature or neurotic behavior that persists throughout life. Fetish, quirk, obsession, infatuation.
  • Hard - A person who is difficult to deal with, manage, control, overcome, or understand. Hard emotions, hard hearted.
  • Hedonistic - Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses.
  • Impatient - Unable to wait patiently or tolerate delay; restless. Unable to endure irritation or opposition; intolerant.
  • Immature - Emotionally undeveloped; juvenile; childish.
  • Impish - Naughtily or annoyingly playful.
  • Obsessive - An unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone.
  • Overambitious - Having a strong excessive desire for success or achievement.
  • Overemotional - Excessively or abnormally emotional. Sensitive about themselves and others, more so than the average person.
  • Overprotective - To protect too much; coddle.
  • Overconfident - Excessively confident; presumptuous.
  • Overzealous - Marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea.
  • Perfectionist - A propensity for being displeased with anything that is not perfect or does not meet extremely high standards.
  • Phobia - They have a severe form of fear when it comes to this one thing. (Dark, Spiders, Cats, tight spaces, etc. List specific phobia.)
    • Acrophobia- Fear of heights
    • Apiphobia- Fear of bees
    • Atelophobia- Fear of imperfection
    • Athazagoraphobia- Fear of being forgotten or ignored or forgetting
    • Entomophobia- Fear of insects
  • Proud - Filled with or showing excessive self-esteem, and will often shirk help from others for the sake of pride.
  • Rake - An immoral or dissolute person, acting without moral restraint, who defies established religious, social, expected precepts; a freethinker.
  • Rebellious - Defying or resisting some established authority, government, or tradition; insubordinate; inclined to rebel.
  • Reckless - Heedless. Headstrong. Foolhardy. Unthinking boldness, wild carelessness and disregard for consequences.
  • Remorseless - Without remorse; merciless; pitiless; relentless.
  • Sarcastic - A subtle form of mockery in which an intended meaning is conveyed obliquely.
  • Smart Ass - Thinks they know it all, and in some ways they may, but they can be greatly annoying and difficult to deal with at times, especially in arguments.
  • Soft-hearted - Having softness or tenderness of heart that can lead them into trouble; susceptible of pity or other kindly affection. They cannot resist helping someone they see in trouble, suffering or in need, and often don't think of the repercussions or situation before doing so.
  • Spoiled - Treated with excessive indulgence and pampering from earliest childhood, and has no notion of hard work, self care or money management; coddled, pampered. Having the character or disposition harmed by pampering or over-solicitous attention.
  • Stubborn - Unreasonably, often perversely unyielding; bullheaded. Firmly resolved or determined; resolute.
  • Tactless - Lacking or showing a lack of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others.
  • Temperamental - Moody, irritable, or sensitive. Excitable, volatile, emotional.
  • Unpredictable - Difficult to foretell or foresee, their actions are so chaotic its impossible to know what they are going to do next.


Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk - Her eldest sister was one of the rare memories Ruu had from her earlist childhood and its because of her that she she even left her Guardian in search her past and identity before being Seth's Ward. It's also because of Ti'Cira that Curupira became a Jedi int he first place and remained a member of it for as long as her big sister was. Ruu loves her big sister with her whole heart and respect her dearly. Of course, that doesn't effect all her decisions in life such as marrying Ket, becoming a SIth because of him, loving Seth so much and so on. The cunnect she feels for Ti'Cira is fierce though of which the redhead isn't fully away of yet.

Seth Draclau - Her savior, brother, father, teacher. Curupira adores Seth beyond what most people could even imagine. Growing up, she idealized him and still does to a degree. It's with him that the girl learned all that she knows today practically and grew up to be the person that she is. While she was born a Witch, its really Seth's ideas of life that Curupira follows to this very day.

Ahote D'Arr Hawk - Ti'Cira's twin, Ahote, wasn't someone Ruu completely remembered in adulthood but a short time of seeing hm and talking to him, the memories returned rather quickly. Curupira may not be as loyal to him as she is to her big sister but she loves him very much and wishes sometimes they could spend time together.

Dominique England - Curupira didn't much think of having other family but her big sister when she arrived to Naboo but a short time after meeting her niece, Ruu knew she began to care for her. The two aren't that far apart in their years which helps their relationship quite a bit, no doubt though things from Ruu's past almost caused a drift between the two when Ruu nearly strangled Dominique for surprising her during a swim. But the redhad showed just much she cares about the girl when she saved her from a bunch of thungs the same night.

Delek Wrentar - The once Imperial Lord Admiral Delek Wrentar caught Ruu's attention the Sweetheart Ball upon their first and only meet. The whole even would prove to anyone who knows her well enough just how impulsive and quick to decide Curupira really is as she quickly stepped out, asking Delek to become her mate. While the Lord Admiral initially accepted the offer while Ruu kept blushing through out her first experience of what a crush feeles like, he declined her offer eventually, slightly breaking her heart.

Ryori Holloway - While she hadn't spent much time with her big sister's best friend and honorary clan member, Curupira liked Ryori and has since the very moment she met her. In her eyes, Ryori is just what the healer ordered in the Jedi Council, not filling the typical lines of what the lightsiders are but instead being strongly willed and her own person. Her respect for the woman grew enormously when Ryori agreed to witness hers and Ket's claiming ceremony despite it being something Ti'Cira would never agree to.

Ket Limelight - Ruu's mate joined to her by the clan's rules with Ryori and Ahote as witnesses. Ket is pretty much the definition of crazy which is probably the second thing she noticed about him, following his gorgeous blue eyes. She adores him and his psychotic nature of which Ket never fails reminding her.

Electrobe - The Dathomirian man who's really called Matthew as Ruu prefers to call him is an interesting character in the girl's mind and much to her like, he's intro his electronics, like the helmet which he actually allowed her to wear. While they'd really only met once so far, Ruu definitely already knows she likes the man.

Áine’ki D'Arr Hawk - A sister Curupira vaguely remembers and based on what Ti'Ci told her on Dathomir, believes she's deceased though doesn't know how it actually happens. Whether the redhead will ever learn the truth and meet Áine'ki still remains to be seen.

Satara Hawk - Her great grandmother and the family matriarch, Satara is the elder of the clan she encountered on her visit to Dathomir who told her where Ti'Cira was and how she ended up taken away from her homeplanet though not wanting to throw too much at her, Satara kept from her that they're in fact related.

It was only much later, in Ruu's search for her sister once the older Witch disappeared, that the redhead returned to Dathomir and learned the truth of who the elder of her clan truly was. In the years to come, she kept returning and through Satara's determination, all Sith connections Curupira had build were shed. She would never truly be good, Satara realized though and it was settled on her becoming a neutral force user and witch.

Criminal ProfilesEdit

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One for the AngelsEdit

A Baby GirlEdit


Na'ala Hawk, Curupira's mother

Curupira D'Arr Hawk was born Na'ala Hawk, Clan Healer and Kir D'Arr, Follower of Palawa, as their fourth and last child. Having been born after the twins Ti'Cira and Ahote and their daughter Áine’ki, the youngest of their children was very overprotected. Like many her siblings, she was graced with redhair and golden eyes and taught of the Dathomiri ways of their clan, her first lessons not directed at her but instead what she soaked up from what her siblings learned from their parents and grandparents. 

Kir D'Arr, Curupira's father

She was particularly always facinated with her Mother's beautiful hair and her great grandmother's mixed eyes that she first decribed to be colored as the sky and earth. 

Their Legacy, Our TimeEdit

The little copycat that Curupira turned out to be very early, she loved to mimic what her older siblings did. She specially loved to repeat her sister's spells quietly while she listened to their Mother teach Ti'Cira. 


Ruu as a child.

When there were no training sessions to watch, little Ruu would just tag after her siblings while they made their little adventures. It didn't matter whether they taught she was too young, the little redhead just followed and refused to go home without them. She also loved telling on her big brother Ahote to her parents. While the adults found it to be adorable a lot of times, Curupira always had her little reasons that she never shared with anyone. It was her own little way of having fun but Ruu never did that to neither of her sisters. Somehow, they could do no wrong in her eyes, especially Ti'Cira

Young Mercureus, after being claimed by Ruu.

Her other favorite activities at the time included sneaking up on her grandmother and spying on clan activities. She didn't find any interest in the fact that her grandmother was a Clan Mother at the time, she just liked to watch her order people around. And of course, there were times she spent at her great grandmother's house.

"No, no and no! He's my friend, Ti'Ci! I will protect him!"
―Curupira D'Arr Hawk

One day, what appeared like an average day of playing with Ti'Cira and Ahote, Curupira met Mercureus and quickly decided she could trust him. As he was a stranger, her sister aimed her spear at him, only to have Ruu want to defend him. And she did. As he called himself a freeman, Curupira made her first claim, which was supported by their friend Sasha Caleb and her big sister had to accept this, despite little Ruu being only four years old. They returned to the clan so she could present her claim, not finding out yet that the man was in fact her eldest brother.

Trial by FireEdit

At the age of four, it had finally come time for Curupira to begin her practice with spells. She had been waiting for it, what felt like forever in her eyes. Her Trial by Fire, the event in which she could prove herself to her sisters, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and all the Witches of the clan. For a child of only four, Curupira was very advanced when it came tot his particular field, having already memorized a lot of spells through her sister's training.  As per tradition, her mother brought her a scroll with the spell she would perform.

There was just one little problem in that scenario. Curupira was very quick learner and she memorized many things she heard. But he could not read. She could never really sit still to start those lessons. She asked her mother to tell her which spell it was. The Spell of Force Crush. Now, this one she had memorized.

The chain of events surprised most of those attending. The child, only four, knew the spell. And as per tradition, she chanted it five times, smashing the rocks gathered around her. She passed her Trial by Fire and proved herself.  Once the ceremonial bit was over, the other Witches left and Curupira was left with her mother who would teach her more spells that day. And the next day, and the next day. Once those doors were open, Curupira wouldn't leave her mother alone. This alone showed just how persistent and stubborn the child could be and how she refused to give up if she didn't get what she wanted. If it first she failed, she simply kept asking until she was granted her wish.

Sadly, many of her lessons would later be supressed, just as her native language. The lessons remain in her mind but unattainable. 

Nobody to Witch Over MeEdit

Things began to change quickly for the Hawk Family. Ti'Cira, Ahote and Áine'ki disappeared one day and didn't return home anymore. That broke the little girl's heart. To her, one day they were there and then they were gone. Curupira would have gone with them that day but her mother called her for training. The little girl stuck there, looking at the three walk away, unable to decide for a moment whether she wanted to go with them and have an adventure or stay with Ma'dri and study. The moment turned into two and then three, and then her Mother called her again. Curupira turned in her direction and when she looked at the the three again, she couldn't see them anymore. 
Images (1)

At 5, right before she lost her siblings.

She decided to go train then. It was the last time she saw them.  Her parents searched for them later, other Witches and Jai helped them in their search. Curupira wasn't allowed to leave her home. When they all returned home, she expected her brother and sisters to come with them. They didn't. Curupira had never felt so alone as she did that day and nobody could help her sadness. 

Baby's First DemonEdit

Attack of the NightsistersEdit

Singing Mountain Clan had been at war with the Nightsisters for many generations. Why this war had began, it is unclear. What is known is that it was always particularly bad with the Spider Clan which resided within the caves of their mountain. The attack began on an early morning, much to everyone's surprise. Curupira hadn't even awoken when it started, her Mother waking her up, telling her to get dressed. By the time she came outside with her Mother, Curupira witnessed death for the first time. It shook her up. Witches were falling on both ends, faces she knew and cared for lay still on the ground, their death gazes on her. 

Her father came to her by the side and took her hand, pulling her away from one such victim. Curupira looked up at him at one moment and the next he was dead, a spear through his heart. The little girl froze for a moment, staring at him before she turned and saw the Witch that pulled out the spear out of him. She became angry and chanted. Spell of Crush. Over and over. It didn't work at first but the more she wanted the woman dead, the stronger she felt. The Witch rose the spear to strike her and then it worked, her chants turning into a loud scream. She never had the chance to strike, shattering into a million pieces, just as the rocks had done during her Trial by Fire.  Before she knew it, things had gotten worse. The fighting had become so bad that she couldn't find anyone for a few minutes, causing her to run through the battlefield. She found her mother, laying dead on the ground then. Curupira knelt before her and began to shake her, calling her. She wanted her Mom to wake up, to take her away from here. Na'ala never responded. It was the last thing little Ruu would see that day, when a pair of strong arms grabbed her and covered her face, taking her away. It was the last time she would see her parents and most likely her home. 


The memories stayed with her, made her wake up at night screaming. She was Curupira D'Arr Hawk at first, a girl who spoke a language nobody understood and cried out for her Mother and Father at night, seeing their dead faces stare at her. What came after Dathomir though was slavery.  She was sold quickly and taken to a world where she never saw daylight. She didn't understand at first, any of them. 

Teenage curupira004

Ruu at 7, working in the mine.

They spoke in words she had never heard, expected to work. When she received her tool, she struck the guard that had handed it to her. Curupira was punished for her action. She did the same thing the next day and was punished again. The process was continued for weeks to follow but with each day, she fought a little less. 

A quick learner that she was, Curupira picked up Galactic Basic quickly from the other slaves and the guards. At first, she still spoke her language but less and less. Especially when she woke up from her nightmares, calling her family to ave her. Until she stopped using it at all. No one heard her, no one came to her. She was all alone. At first, she thought in her native language but even that faded away in time. She barely spoke though, expect with a couple of slaves that were nice to her.
Teenage curupira005

Cura at 8, after she was taken in by Seth.

Three years passed in the hell she was in and little Curupira couldn't even tell time there. The days seemed short from what she remembered at first but in time, it all just faded away. She slept when she was told and ate when she was told. The rest of the time she worked. Eventually, she was taken away and sold again, for the first time realizing  she was traveling through space.  

The Good, the Bad and the CrazyEdit

Freedom bought by Seth DraclauEdit

Sold once again, the eight year old child found herself at an auction, once again scared and in an unfamiliar place. The people working there told her she'd get sold and then she could end up anywhere. They even gave her examples of how terrible it could be, making Curupira even more scared then she was before that.   


Seth Draclau

And yet, when her turn came, two men auctioned for her and she eventually ended up with a man named Seth Draclau. The girl had pictured the worst, having been told terrible stories only to be told she was free.
Teenage curupira001

Cura practicing her shooting.

Such an option would have been well received if Cura remembered where she came from or if her parents were still alive, but she didn't. She remembered her name and she remembered words from her native language, but beyond that, she had no recollection to who she was so she followed the young man that had saved her.

She was quickly nicknamed Cura by the man and went on with him.

An odd role modelEdit

"You don't have to worry about me ruining whatever you're doing, I'm good with trouble."
―Curupira D'Arr Hawk

For the next near ten years, Curupira grew up with Seth Draclau, following him wherever he went, not being left behind when he went to do his job. She grew attached to him through those years, considering him a brother, father and a friend even when she knew he was not her kin, it mattered little for her for the most part. 

Teenage curupira003

Teenage Curupira

Tumblr m82g2wXr141ryvxsro2 500

Cura punches a boy from her building, after hearing him talk bad about Seth.(Click for animation)

For the most part, a lot of her life was learning. She was taught how to live her life in the culture she was in, or rather how Seth lived his life, she was taught more on Galactic Basic, on mistrusting people, on there being no unacceptable means to protect one's family.

She even picked up on several Force abilities by studying how he did it, as he was a Sith and while she never truly turned to such a life, she finds that she has learned a great deal from what he knew and was willing her teach her. 

The Memories...Edit

Yet, as much as Curupira loved Seth and considered him to be family, there were memories from the past that continued to haunt her as she grew older. They were hints, short flashes, details.  Like the faces of her parents, the sound of her sister's voices, how much they cared for her and how much she loved them and the more she grew, the stronger her desire to find that past grew, setting Cura to use the little information she actually had to find anything, apsolutely anything she could find that would allow her to find out she was. 

"I'll ask about the dress later... but first... who are you and I'm pretty sure that somehow, as weird as it sounds, and I can't explain this......but I'm fairly certain I know you and I have idea how that is since I don't remember you. Anyway, who are you?"
―Curupira D'Arr Hawk

The stir of her memories were even more helped when she ran into a man, dressed as a woman, who turned out to be her brother Ahote. Along with him were his monkey Zinger and a man she didn't know. That didn't really stop Cura from tagging along with the two and joining in the not-so-legal activities they were involved in, without even asking too many question.


Curupira, before leaving Seth at 17.

With her research being fruitful and having found her brother, at the age of seventeen, Cura said her goodbyes to Seth and set out to Dathomir, hoping to find her family still there. 

Forget me... NotEdit

Search for her sisterEdit

It was on her home planet that she discovered the fate of the D'Arr Hawk family, the attack by the Nightsisters, the murder of her parents and finally, that her sisters had been taken before she was and taken away from Dathomir years ago.

But elder of the Singing Mountain Clan knew who she was looking for and she was the one that pointed to her that her eldest sister, Ti'Cira was with the Jedi and a Knight there. She couldn't tell her what had happened to Áine’ki but at least she had something that would help her on the way.

Ruu's big sister, Ti'Cira.

Having learned what she could about her family, Curupira remained on Dathomir only briefly, before making her way to the Jedi Council on Naboo where it ended up easy enough to discover her sister who had become well known among the Force Users there, however, for the teenager, it would take time to admit to the truth.


Dominique, Ruu's niece

Becoming a JediEdit

Oddly enough though, Ti'Cira had been the first to welcome Cura to the Jedi and began her training the very next day. It allowed the girl not only to learn from her but also to get a chance to get to know her sister before she was actually ready to tell the truth. 

She had given only her name to the other Witch when they first met and for a short while, she wondered if she had done right by concealing the truth from her but what had been done, had been done and there was no turning back.

Dathomiri Jedi KnightEdit

Not too long after her arrival, Curupria had been knighted within the Jedi. Though her joy had been short when she felt there was much more to learn and so much more to confess to her Master.

Things I must sayEdit

"I'm standing before you, Ti'Cira. I'm here because of you. I know about her because she's me... I'm her."
―Curupira D'Arr Hawk

Finally, after the long enough wait for her, the red head gathered all the courage she possibly could have and headed to her sister to tell her the truth. It wasn't the least bit easy, finally saying it, no matter how badly she wanted it enhanced by the long wait she forced herself into it. She learned two things however. First was that it was believed she had died in the Nightsister attack, finally explaining to her why she had never been looked for and second, that her sister had adopted a young girl who wasn't even that much younger then her, Dominique England.

Nymphs just wanna have FunEdit

First CrushEdit

"If you wanted to see the planet...if you wanted to, I could... I mean, if that's what you'd like to do, I wouldn't mind...claiming you to keep you safe from them."
―Curupira D'Arr Hawk offers to claim Admiral Wrentar

Not too long after telling Ti'Cira the truth and learning about her adopted niece, the Sweetheart's ball was heald on Naboo to which Curupira was glad to attend. Any chance to spend more time with her sister was more then welcomed for the teenager, but she hadn't expected the event to bring her something else. 


Delek Wrentar, Imperial Lord Admiral.

For the first time in her life, she found herself having odd feelings for a man. He was handsome and charming, had much to say and seemed to have a history with her sister that wasn't all too pleasant and yet even with hearing all that, Curupira wasn't able to stop what she was feeling those moments that confused and interested her all at the same time. Due to an odd turn of events, she ends up offering to claim him that very night, without even fully knowing what it actually means. 


Akoma Nero, the Rebel Agent

Though she does not take back her offer and the Imperial Grand Admiral Delek Wrentar initially accepts it, it's only after her sister's insisting on what it actually means does he decline it. 

While the girl didn't take that well, she also couldn't do anything to change his mind and at the same time, it hurt her just a tad bit as she had never felt the way she did before than and her first feelings for someone of an opposite gender, in such a manner, becoming her first decline was an experience Ruu didn't quite want to repeat anytime soon.

The Crusade and a Rebel AgentEdit

While the galaxy raged in wars, Curupira did not partake in them. As per her nature, she does not enjoy large wars of worlds and as such, if she can avoid them, she does. This was no different, expect for what happened to her sister, how she later learned of what the galaxy believes of her involvement in the destruction of Taris. As odd as it may be for a Jedi, for Ruu, her sister comes first and such she does not enjoy hearing accusations of what her sister may or may not have done to the Imperial capital.


Ket Van Derveld, Ruu's mate

Not long after her return, Cura met a Rebel agent, Akoma Nero with whom she help clean up Naboo only to go out on a dinner with the man. As interesting as the evening may have been and as much as the man didn't interest her truly, it was good for her because it allowed her to keep her mind away from what happened and none of her family being on Naboo at the time. And quite oddly, she ended up accepting an invitation to the Moonlight Ball on Ilum.

The Devil's MusicEdit

The Lunatic and Madman on CoruscantEdit

With everything that had happened in the recent time, Cura found herself clinging more and more to her old life, and going back to Coruscant often. The first time she returned to it, she longed to spend time with Seth, only to meet another Sith Knight, Voyance with who she had fun, and not one that should be enjoyed by a Jedi. But the good experience made her return again, not long after, only to go clubbing. It may have been strange, it may have been unexpected but Curupira needed that time on Coruscant to keep her mind off things.

It was one of the evenings, in a club she had never been to, that she met a man that would change her life as much as Seth had. The Sith Master and his sapphire blue eyes caught her attention rather quickly and the games he played on her only made her fall for him even stronger. He's not the kind her sister would probably ever accept, the man literally killed an entire club of people to be alone with her and only later to devirginize her later. That probably added to the impact the manman, Ket Limelight, actually had on Curupira and would continue having on her.

Claiming at the Moonlight BallEdit

It wasn't long after meeting her Sith Master that Curupira was propositioned joining the Sith but she would counter such an offer by offering to claim Ket first. The Mad Nar Shaddaan accepted her offer and before her sister's best friend Ryori Holloway as their witness and her brother Ahote, who was not so open to the idea, the Jedi and Sith exchanged their vows and became each other's mates.


Matthew with his mask

I am the Night - Color me BlackEdit

The Sith CouncilEdit

Her coverting to the Sith was extremely simple. Curupira doesn't much care for factions or good and evil, simply accepts herself for who she is. Only because Ket asked her to change sides and her sister no longer being in the Jedi Order, Ruu simply became a Sith, throwing away her allegence to the good guys but that alone doesn't really change her. Curupira still believes that the good and evil thing is overrated, that it's just about choices really.


Matthew aka Electrobe

Ghosts and StuffEdit

During her trip to Shaddaa Nar Shaddaa, Ruu met Electrobe and she didn't quite know what ot think of the man with a helmet in rainbow colors at first. Of course, much like it is in her nature, she accepted the odd man quickly enough, learning that he comes from Dathomir as well. Persistent as she was, the redhead quick learned that his real name was Matthew and managed to convince him to lend her his helmet. 

TruefromChloe edited-1

Chloe, the girl that claimed to be her daughter

Through the interesting piece of technology, Ruu saw nice images, including those of a girl Matthew clearly liked. She learned quite a bit from the brief conversation about Akima Io Akima before Ket interupted with a threat to her new friend.

Curupira even went so far to offer her new friend advice on how to ask Io to be his girl. While visiting Nar Shadda, as she missed Ket too much, Ruu runs into a young girl, Chloe, as the girl calls herself, strangely feels familiar, making her follow her. [to be edited


Seth at the Ball

Yule Ball: Oh, that Magical Feeling!Edit

Raised in a spirit Sithmas, Curupira couldn't resist attending the Yule Ball to which she dragged her Guardian Seth with plans to drink, mess with people and drance. 


Ruu at the Ball

But they ended up reaching only to the drinking part before Ket joined the party in a very Ket-manner.

Tears of SeraphimEdit

Waken up in the middle of the night, Curupira hears her niece England Dominique through the Force.

The Wolf and the LionEdit

Mated to a Jedi...Edit

Having had her little own adventures as usual, Curupira mets up with Ket on Coruscant, which she learns has become a Jedi planet. And as if that wasn't enough, she also  learns her mate had become one as well. Curupira being herself, however, didn't let the new information change anything as she valced into the Library on Coruscant and met Phylis Alince who wasn't the least bit please that a Sith was roaming their planet.

The Galactic PurgeEdit

Finding herself bored of being on one place, Curupira borrowed her mate's ship The Deceased Star, without him knowing, and set course to Coruscant which was, thankfully, once a gain a fun place to be at, having been re-taken by the Sith. On her way there, she intercepts a transpittion of the Rebellion through which she learns that her niece Dominique is on Yinchorr and there the Sith and Jedi are ready for a dance off. Without a moment's hesitation, she turned the ship to the planet, making her presence known to the Rebels, but mostly to her niece. After all, Curupira was bored. 


Satara, the great grandmother that turned her back to neutrality

To be continued...

Valhalley of the DollsEdit

Ti'Cira's disappearanceEdit

Curupira had led a happy life, united with her sister and growing as a Jedi until her sister vanished, without a single trace. She had tried searching for then, continueing her life with the Order only to learn that she couldn't do that, without Ti'Cira, she couldn't really be a Jedi, making her walk away from them and continue her search until she had lost all hope and returned home - to Dathomir, the only place she could think of at the time, though it wasn't truly that, not with her family.

When Bad Warlocks Turn GoodEdit


For years to come, the only cheerful Witch had resorted to solitude on the world of her ancestors, communicating barely with those around her. She'd visit the elders of her clan from time to time, working on her spells and learning more about the history of Dathomir but it was never truly enough, never was truly home. Still, it seemed like all she had at the time and with the hope lost that her sister was even alive, Curupira found no purpose in her life for so many years.


An older Curupira

However, at the same time, she did find something she didn't expect to find. During her last visit to Dathomir when she learned of the fate of her family, she was told all the information by an elder Witch of the clan, however, she never learned that the woman was in fact her great grandmother Satara, the once leader of the Singing Mountain Clan

This time though, Curupira learned who she was and it was thanks to the woman that she shed the all ties to the Sith Council, retrieving her allegiance to neutrality. While she would never truly be good, she wasn't evil either. Satara accepted her being middle ground and furthered her training. 

The Demon Who Came in from the ColdEdit


Pregnant with Chloe

As it often was, Curupira and Ket often crossed paths and reunited, even for short periods of time. Couple of months later, Ruu found out she was pregnant. In all honesty, the knowledge scared her to bits. She'd never been around anyone pregnant for long, the youngest kids she'd ever stuck around were teenagers. Curupira was terrified. This made her travel to Dathomir and seek out guidance from her great grandmother. Talking to her helped the redhead a lot. She got insight on the pregnancy, children and so more. The family elder even promised to help her with the child if she was willing to accept.

And it was there that Curupira re-connected to her roots for a short while and remembered how much she loved spending time with Satara and just how much she loved the woman's mismatched eyes, eyes of the sky and earth. And Curupira wished for her unborn baby to have eyes just like that. Though what she didn't get was that Satara's eyes were not of the sky and earth but of her own mother and father. 

Wolfruu002 copy

All Lupine Ruu

And thus, seven months later, Chloe Van Derveld Hawk came into the world, with her brown hair and mismatched eyes - one gold, one sapphire blue. And Ruu loved that even more than she loved Satara's eyes. As per tradition, the girl's name was given during the Child Naming ceremony, performed by Satara. While at first, Curupira accepted the elder's help with the baby, more and more, the role of the mother came naturally to the redhead and when her baby girl was old enough to travel, they left the Witch planet to find Chloe's father.

Little Box of HorrorsEdit

Chaos RisingEdit

It was decided between Ket and Ruu, some time after Chloe was born that Curupira would become what her mate and their first born was - a Lupine. It was a complicated thing to do as no one could be turned into one, she needed to be cloned, DNA meddled with and finally her being reborn. What came out of the cloning tank was no longer a Dathomirian human but a Lupine much like her husband.


Ruu in her wolf form

Though she reserved her memories and was able to re-learn all her Force Powers and spells, much what Curupira had become had differed her from what she used to be. Her enlonged canine teeth, her claw-like fingertips and her new meta-hearing certainly showed at first glance. 

With this change, Curupira's personality was amplified by the animal within her and one she could become. Becoming a Lupine had pushed aside all the traits of Dathomiri that she had been born with, such as her slower aging and keeping her youthful figure for many decades. 


Pregnant Ruu with Chloe

We All Scream for Ice CreamEdit

Five years later and eleven years before Curupira's return to the galaxy, she met up with Ket once more. Their first born was already showing just how gifted and advanced she was for her age and while Curupira often had her hands full with her and her mate proved to be a wonderful and overprotective father to the girl, a new one was just another blessing to the Witch. Once again, Curupira traveled to Dathomir since somehow it felt right, especially since she now knew that both her children were complete Lupine like their father. There Katrine Van Derveld Hawk was born and given her own Child Naming ceremony, once again conducted by Satara.

Cheaper by the CovenEdit

Feels Like It's Been ForeverEdit

After the lonely life on Dathomir for so long, Curupira's desire for a family grew, with each year more and more before she finally felt the need to visit someone she had not seen for so many years, and someone who had been like a brother to her, the one family left though not of blood kin. 


Ruu and Seth reunited

It didn't really even matter anymore, that he was not really her brother, he was still family to her and when having lost all, he was really all she had left in this galaxy, making Curupira leave Dathomir once more to find Seth.

But what she found was not what she had expected. He was broken and loney as well, have lost his daughter and wife. Seth tells Cura that the woman he was married to was Ti'Cira Hawk, letting her know that the woman is her sister's granddaughter. It is the first time that she learns that she still has family after all and has missed so much due to her solitude.

Milky milky way!Edit

With another lead to follow, Curupira travels again only to learn that once again she will not find her sister. On her way back home, she stops on Aralia to relax and meets Jemma Venn who seems interesting to her from the very first moment golden eyes land on her.

Before the two actually get to know each other, Ranats attack the bar. Curupira, unarmed, throws bottles of alcohol on the aliens, only to set them on fire which results in the entire place burning down.

Blue Hunting GroundsEdit

Sent out into the wilderness by Satara to spend a week there and find a rancor, Curupira sets out grunt-fully, regretting a whole bunch of things that led her to being trained by the family matriarch. She ends up running to the Jedi Jay Shaun and has a brief conversation with him. While the redhead offers to help him on finding what he came for on Dathomir, she is refused and ends up walking in the other direction sulking.

Have a Drink on MeEdit

On Coruscant, after having some clubbing time, Curupira wanders through the city and feels Ket not to far away.


Ruu meets Milan Hawk.

Strange Days Ahead Edit

During a boring party on Corellia, Curupira calls Ket's attention to it to fix her time there.

The Fall and Rise of House Van DerveldEdit

Ket sends Ruu a message to come to Figaro Favoura where she travels with Katrine.

Personal ApperanceEdit

General ApperanceEdit

Petite and slim, Curupira probably wouldn't appear all that interesting if it wasn't for her fire red hair and hazel eyes. They are her more noticeable features, matched with full lips and fair skin tone. Standing at five feet and three inches, she's usually smaller than most people in the room and somehow, she always ends up around those much taller than her. Believed to be human, like all those of her bloodline, Curupira is a mixture of her genetics, having inherited her great great grandmother Rayen's shade of read and the golden hue that belongs to her great grandfather Madoc.

Having been cloned into a full-blooded Lupine, Curupira has reserved most of her physical traits except being human and has gain a few new ones. Her canine teeth are now elongated, excellent for biting. She also has claw-like fingertips which she can extend to a degree.

Hawk CharacteristicsEdit

Best to the knowledge of all living Hawks, they are humans from the planet called Dathomir. The most common apperance of the family members has once been dark hair and dark eyes, followed by a pale or fair complexition. Every so often, a family member would come to life baring a trait that seemed uncommon. Such was Rayen Hawk, mother of Satara Hawk with her red hair and green eyes. Or Satara Hawk with the condition of heterochromey where her right eye is blue (after her father) and her left one green (after her mother). With the mating of Satara to the slave Madoc, a new feature was introduced - golden eyes. Which for a few generations, this gene remained dormant until this generation. Ti'CiraAhote and Curupira have them whike Áine’ki received the gene of blue eyes (color of eyes which Satara's father and later Arik Kane, mate of Adel'aide brought into the gene pool). Even so, every so often, a unique Hawk feature is introduced, characteristic to one or a couple members of the family, like the hair and eyes of Kytarra Hawk, with the eyes of a Seer and hair silver.

The most dominating occurance appears to be the very fact that the recessive genes seem to come out more and more frequently. Such as the red hair of Rayen Hawk, which Na'ala was born with and which was inherited then by both Ti'Cira and Curupira. Another thing that heavily dominates within the family is their slow aging process and their long life.

Another relevant factor in the gene pool is the midi-chlorian levels, or the potencial for both Magic and use of the Force, even while Force Sensitivity cannot be confirmed in the mates taken by Witches before Satara, the existance of it has been strong in all the Hawk children for generations and it only appears to become stronger with each generation to come. Their powers are however not determined by neither light or dark and even though the Hawks traditionally, to their best knowledge, hair from the ligth side of the Force, they have proven themselves to be useful on both sides of the spectrum, especially the latest generation (ie.Ti'CiraMilanRach and Curupira all turning to the darkside at one point in their life).

So far, two two rarest traits of the Hawk family have been the heterochromey (after Satara, only Chloe has it) and the gift of visions which so far has been solely dominated by Kytarra Hawk.  

Fashion SenseEdit

Curupira has always loved to dress her age and stand out in the crowd with her fashion sense. However, her style has changed over the years. Her clothes still show her youthful spirit but there are times when she will go for some classy look while others she will find herself in something edgier and crazier because that it how she's grown to be over time. Raised among criminals, with a wealthy guardian, she has gone a long way from the tribal outfits that she wore as a child on Dathomir. With a large collection of various clothes, ranging from dress to pants, skirts, tops, lots of shoes, there is really no telling with Ruu on any given day. While she loves to dress up and look good, she does on occasion like to dress down as well, mostly to annoy others, such as shop keepers in expensive boutiques. But generally, her clothes of the day will reflect her mood and current feel, there is no particular rule.

Force PowersEdit

Apprentice/Spellhunter Knight/Spellweaver Master/Sorceress

Neutral Powers

Lightside Powers

Witch Spells

Neutral Powers

Witch Spells

Neutral Powers

Witch Spells

  • A single lightside power remains on the list for historical purposes due to her being a Jedi Knight once upon a time. It has really been lost due to her becoming a Force Practitioner.

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