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Leigh Christman was born as Leigh Bergen to Aurelius and Tyra Bergen on the planet Tatooine, is their third and last child. Her family comes from a long line of politicians and as such, has always been focused on educating their children to inherit the parents at one point in life. Leigh, like all those before her, including her two older siblings were put under this training. However, Leigh was always meant to be different. She showed the first signs of force sensibility at the age of four, only to be able to use her first active power three years later.

Aurelius and Tyra never approved of Leigh's force sensitivity. They called it intuition and claimed it would be useful for her political career. They denied its existance hoping the idea would leave her thoughts and she would focus herself on a political career. Her studied were focused strongly on political subjects as she turned ten, in their trying to make her see what she was meant to do. They failed.

A mayor event in Leigh's life was meeting Michael Christman, a slightly older young man. She was fourteen at the time. Two years later, they were married despite her parents disapproving at first. When they gave their blessing to the marriage, it was not just because they saw they couldn't stop it from happening but also because they hoped that the marriage would make Leigh focus on things important - a family and her future career. Again they were wrong.

In the six years Leigh and Michael were married, Leigh gave birth to four childre - Kayla, Anakin, Annika and Mimi. Officialy, they are still married but Michael had gotten missing three years ago on one of his missions leaving Leigh to look after their children on their own, with the help of her parents. It wasn't until Tyra finally admitted that she came from a family of force sensitive people that Leigh decided upon becoming a Jedi. Her mother warned her that this led to her family's destruction and she wanted her children to steer clear of it. But Leigh wanted to be a Jedi despite the warning. So, the children were left with their grandparents as Leigh traveled to complete her destiny.


Leigh comes from the families Bergen and Colliod. On her father's side, she has been given every predisposition and means to become a able politician and to someday even enter a Senate and speak on behalf of her people, just as her father did before retiring and just as her siblings have focused themselves on becoming. On the other half, she is also a descent of the Colliod family that have always been focused on the force sensitivity. If Leigh had been born at least fifty years earlier, her maternal family would have made sure her training was began while she was still a little girl.

Unfortinetly for her, barely anyone was left from her maternal family by the time she was born and her mother, never having shown any kind of force sensitivity herself, has began to hate this charateristic and all those that were destroyed by it. Still, Leigh's micro-clorid levels have made her very able in the force and she has chosen not to let anyone, including her own mother, divert her from the path she had decided upon following.


Family of politiciansEdit

"No position is too great or too small. We live for the Senate and serving our people. We live for representing. We live for bringing peace to our people."

- Aurelius Bergen, upon Antuan's acception into the Imperial Senate.

Tom hanks

Aurelius Bergen


Tyra Bergen

Leigh Aurelia comes from a long line of Bergen politicians, that has always managed to reach the level of senate representatives, no matter if it was as Senators or simple assistants or supsitute. Quite early on, it was decided that Leigh would be given equal training as her older siblings even though Antuan was set to take over after his father as the Senator of Tatooine. But despite it, the family always prepared for the possibility of it falling through for any reason so all children had to be raised in this direction. And so it was with Leigh. Except, despite all efforts to apply this belief in her before anything else, the family seemed to fair with every try they made. Her father began her lessons quite early, as soon as she began asking any questions about life in general. Her father first began teaching her about the rich ancestory she had. One after another, representitives in one or the other system. Aurelius himself had served the First Galactic Empire senate until it was let go but inside, he had always been a Republic man. Leigh knew even as a little girl that her father had always dreamed of serving the Senate in the Old Republic but was elected into office only after the forming of the Empire so he simply accepted what he was given and went to serve his people the best way he could. Leigh hated this before she even knew what it meant to hate. She hated that her father would compromise his beliefs, only to represent. She promised herself never to do that.

The first force sensitive BergenEdit


Leigh at age 4.

At the age of four, Leigh was deemed force sensitive. This thought quickly became something Aurelius and Tyra wanted to discard. They kept insisting she was merely intuitive and it would be helpful in her political career. But Leigh didn't hear them. She was just a young girl that had suddenly discovered something about herself, and something she had yet to learn what meant. The very next year, she was given a private tutor that was warn to discourage any claims she would have about force sensitivity. The teacher complied at first, especially in the presence of the two adults. But when left alone with the girl, he could deny her no answers. And Leigh had no bounderies to the questions she could ask the man. He was the first person to answer things for her. Thanks to him, she learned what it meant to be force sensitive, what it meant to serve the light or the dark. She learned about the Jedi of the Republic and how they were tricked by the Emperor Palpatine, how they were all killed at the end of old Republic with legends of few remaining. Perhaps, one would say that these were not the stories a five year old should have been given but Leigh was a curious child that needed to know. She needed to understand what it meant to be force sensitive and this man understood it. He also understood that she wouldn't get these answers anywhere else, especially not from her parents. So he told her all he knew. All that he didn't know, he would study and then come back to next day to tell her.

The flying dishesEdit

Thora birch monkey

Leigh at age 7.

Leigh was seven years old when she first used a force sensitive ability. It was a family lunch to which even her paternal grandparents were invited. They conversation was very live among the adults and the three children just sat there, boring themselves. Antuan suddenly leaned over to Leigh and told her that being force sensitive was stupid and that if she really was force sensitive, she could actually do things. Leigh told him to shut up and her father warned her mind her manners at the table. Antuan leaned in again and told her if she believed she could actually do things, she was the stupid one. Leigh told him to shut up yet again, and her father warned her she would not be getting any dinner if she continued. Leigh tried to tell her father that Antuan was teasing her but he wouldn't listen. Antuan leaned again and teased for the third time. Leigh opened her mouth to tell him to shut up but she saw her father's warning expression and she closed her mouth. Instead, she just kept staring ahead. Antuan teased again. Leigh kept staring at the dishes before her and wanting to yell at him to shut up. But she knew she couldn't so she just kept it inside and staring at the dishes before her. Antuan teased yet again and Leigh felt a bold of electricity surge through her body before she heard her parents yelling to know what was going on. She blinked and realizes the dishes were suddenly howering over the table, all of them. She kept staring and hearing Antuan's voice.
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Antuan as a teenager.

But it wasn't until her mother called out to her and told her to stop it that she actually listened. The dishes fell down on the table with a large bang and Leigh looked at her with a shocked face expression. She didn't understand how her mother would know it was. She didn't understand yet how she was able to do it but the fact that her mother knew it was her scared her.

Leigh told her tutor what had happened. She was warned right away that she shouldn't let her emotions run her. Especially because she had told him at one point she never wanted ot be evil. He warned her that he ahd already said that the Sith were the one that were run by emotions and if she wanted to avoid becoming one, she would have to learn to control her emotions. Leigh listened to him. She always listened to her tutor. He was, after all, the only person that had been honest with her, telling her the truth on what it meant to be force sensitive. He still thought her other things but this were his most valuable lesson to her.

There is no force sensitivityEdit

After the event at the table, Aurelius and Tyra made sure their efforts to discourage Leigh's thoughts were doubled. They knew they had to do something to get the silly notion out of her mind and they had to do it soon before it got out of control. Every day, they would tell her she was an ordinary little girl just like her brother and sister. Antuan was said not to tease her again. Leigh closed off to herself and spoke only to the tutor. It was then that her parents went to speak to the man to make sure he wasn't talking about any of the nonsense, as they saw it. He finally spoke up and told them that it wasn't something they could keep her away from. He had never lied to the child and he never would, no matter what they said. He told them that they had hired him to teach her and he would continue doing so, no matter what they said. This was the last straw because upon hearing this, Aurelius fired the man on the spot and told him never to come near Leigh again or he would make sure he regreted it. Leigh tried seeing her tutor but she wasn't allowed to leave the house and the he was probided from entering her family home. It saddened Leigh very much because she loved the man very much. For his lessons and the lack of judging.

Leigh was given a new tutor instead and her studies were focused on filling politican requirements. Leigh tried to speak to the old woman about Jedi and Sith but the woman kept telling her it was all rubbish and she will not be discussing it ever.

Meeting and marrying Michael ChristmanEdit


On her wedding day.

At the age of fourteen, the Bergens had nearly sucessed in convincing Leigh she was not going to be a Jedi. She had a set path and she was nearly ready to follow it. Expect, she met a man that was eight years older then she was, and she fell in love with him, as did he with her. He was handsome and older and he was incredibly interesting and so much to tell her. Her parents didn't like this friendship but as long as Michael didn't try to fill her head with more nonsense, Aurelius saw no objection to it. They didn't know yet what feelings the two had for them and it is a question on how they would react if they did.

Two years into knowing Michael, the young couple came to her parents and asked to marry. Her parents were strongly against it at first. Until Leigh told them honestly that it was something they were going to do, whether it was with or without their blessing. She asked for their blessing as a mere curtosy and because she loved them. But it wasn't going to effect her decision either way. So Aurelius and Tyra had no choice but agree to it. Leigh and Michael married outside of her family home, with a dinner that came afterwards. Aurelius purchused them a small apartment not far from the family home, wanting to keep Leigh on Tatooine and to continue her studies.

It was little after their wedding that Michael chose to be honest with Leigh. He had been force active for a short period of time. He joined the Dark Jedi and the power consummed him, made it addictive to him. Ever since then, he had stayed clear of it, not wanting to get caught in it again. This knowledge made it hard on Leigh to admit to him what her dreams were. She couldn't tell him she wanted to be a Jedi now, worrying that it might hurt him or even tempt him.

Leigh and little Kayla

Becoming a motherEdit


Pregnant with the Twins

Only one year after the wedding, Leigh gave birth to Kayla, their eldest daughter. She was a beautiful and healthy little girl. Without either her parents or husband knowing, Leigh tested her micro-clorids and found her daughter to be force sensitive as well. Kayla had a bit large amount then she had but it didn't matter because Leigh wouldn't do anything about it for the time being. She knew she couldn't act on it without Michael or her parents finding out so she made a promise to herself to teach her daughter that it was alright to be force sensitive and if she wanted to follow on this path, she would stand by her side, no matter what.

Pregnant with Mimi

Two years after Kayla was born, Leigh learned she was pregnant again, with twins and nine months later she gave birht to Anakin and Annika. The boy was perfectly healthy while there seemed to be something odd aboutt he girl. Testing them, Leigh learned Annika had a higher level of micro-clorids while Anakin had a minimum to non. Later tests discovered that Annika was born blind.

Three years of bliss passed before Leigh found out she was pregnant yet again, as Kayla turned five and the twins three. She gave birth to a a baby girl, again with a high level of micro-clorids. Not as high as Kayla and Annika but it was still there, in the result.

Michael goes missingEdit

Only a year after Mimi was born, Michael went on a usual mission only to go missing. There were no news of him for months. Leigh contacted all of his old friends and crew members, the one that she knew, asking, even discovered other contacts through them but found nothing. Her first choice was to go look for him but her mother convince her not to go. She had four children to look after and knew her mother was right. So she stayed at home, raised her four children with the help of her parents, constantly hoping to see Michael again. But nothing happened.

The truth about her maternal familyEdit

One evening, as her mother helped her put the children to sleep, the two women, as mothers sat down for a drink and a nice laugh. The more the evening furthered, their conversation became more personal. Leigh suddenly got a hint of something Tyra wasn't telling her so she started proding to learn what it was. Little by little, Tyra opened up more and more. When the conversation was over, Leigh learned that she had never known the entire truth about the Colliod family, her maternal family.

Tyra admitted to her that when she was younger she had a brother that had gone to become a Jedi only to disappear and emerge one day. This was after the news came that her uncles and aunt had been killed. When her brother returned, she discovered he had become a Sith. And that head been the one to kill their family. He had come to Tatooine to finish the job and kill their parents. Tyra pleaded with him not to. Their parents were old and retired from being Jedi but her brother wouldn't fudge. He had a set plan and he wasn't going to back down from it.

The more Tyra insisted, the more he kept treatening her that he would strike her down as well despite being a worthless non-force sensitive. His words hurt her because she had always loved her brother very much. He killed their parents and when he was done, still hunger for death, he went to kill her. The only thing that ended up saving her were Imperials that had situated on the planet and had come to see what the comossion was.

So Tyra was the only one left alive of the family and suddenly it made sense why she neever approved her Leigh becoming a Jedi herself. But despite knowing the truth, she was even more sure that she wanted to follow the path of the Jedi.

She came clean with her parents shortly after that and told them she wasn't going to let them run her life anymore. She told her mother that she wasn't her uncle and she was never going to turn her back on her family. Her mother broke down and started crying before she gave her blessing. Leigh also had another favor to ask. She asked her mother to promise her that she wouldn't teach her children that the force way was wrong. Even if they weren't going to be trained now, they would forever have her blessing to choose the path they desired. Her mother pormised her despite her father being against it.

Leigh's first lightsaberEdit

"It belonged to you grandmother. She constructed it when she became a Master. She would have wanted you to have it."

- Tyra to her youngest.

Lightsaber blue

The lightsaber that belonged to Leigh's grandmother.

It turned out Tyra knew more then she was letting out all those years. When Leigh was finally honest about the course of her life and when she had put her foot down, not letting her parents make choices for her anymore, her mother showed a completely different side of herself. After she had asked them to take care of the children, Tyra came to her that night and told her she could not go to Datooine unprepared. So when Leigh asked what she meant, Tyra handed her a lightsaber that belonged to her mother. Tyra had kept it all these years, hidden it from the Imperial when they came to take away her brother. She didn't know why she had kept it but now that she was handing it to Leigh, it all made sense. So, Leigh would go and become a Jedi with a lightsaber and proud to by carrying such a lightsaber in its beautiful design. Tyra also showed her a few ways to train it. Even though she had never been force sensitive, she had watched her brother be trained by her parents and had remembered certain things that she would not be able to pass down to her daughter.

Keepers of the PeaceEdit

After being honest with her parents and saying goodbye to her children, Leigh packed up and left Tatooine to become a Jedi. It was there on Dantooine that she met Adrianna Fiore, a woman that would not only one day be her Master but also a dear friend. On that da she met other members of the Order and begins her life as a Padawan.

Michael's return and departureEdit

Her training was stopped briefly when her husband returned to her on Dantooine and she took him home so they could be with their family. While being a Jedi meant a lot to her, Leigh was also a wife and a mother and such a thing she could never truly forget, no matter what. Unfortunately, the happiness of the Christman household was short lived when Michael up and left again, returning to his work. This time, he wasn't taken, he had left of his own will and while it was hard for Leigh to accept this, it was with the help of her eldest daughter that she managed to move on.

Meeting her MasterEdit

With Michael gone, the blonde simply didn't have much choice so she asked her brother Antuan to take her back to Dantooine. Her children were once again left in the hands of her parents as Leigh set out to begin her training wiht Saejra Maer'Cyn but this advanture would not last too long.

Brumhilda deWinterEdit

At a sudden request as Jason Starkiller, Leigh was sent to his and Brumhilda deWinter's residence. She had met the young woman on her first day on Dantooine but the visit was going to be quite different. The young woman had gotten a first period and she required a woman to explain to her what it actually meant for a young woman to go through such changes. At the time, all of her children were young and she had never actually given the speech to anyone until now. Leigh just hoped that she managed to help the young girl with her words.

[missing years]

Training with AdriannaEdit

After the attack on Dantooine, Leigh's friend Adrianna brought her to Y'Sad where they continued their long time training. There, Leigh was taught a number of powers in two different days. She even managed to see Kayla return to Tatooine and being safe on the last day before being promoted to Knighthood. The days with Adrianna allowed her to grow as a Jedi more than she had had a chance to years. It also allowed her to learn more of the culture

Force abilitiesEdit

Padawan Knight Master

Neutral Powers

Lightside Powers

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Lightside Powers

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Lightside Powers


Her parents - Leigh grew up as the youngest of three children but equally treated and groomed for a political career. Her father's side of the family all went the same path and Leigh never knew anything about her mother's side. When her powers developed, her parents were in denial, her mother perhaps more than her father but in years, a quite a few of them, they learned to live with her decision to pursue a Jedi path. As much as Leigh loves both of them, she made it very clear to them when her children were born that if Force sensitive, this would not be denied from them, she would keep no secrets from them about their legacy and if they decided to become Jedi, both her mother and father would have to accept their decisions.

Antuan Bergen - The eldest of the Bergen children, Leigh always had a hard time with him while growing up. For some reason, the two were always like cats and dogs with each other, always fighting, always pushing each other more and more. But it's really Antuan whom Leigh has to think for discovering her first power, telekinesis. Despite all of their history together, Leigh loves her brother very much and while she'd known for years what kind of life he leads when he's not on Tatooine, she never truly harbored any negative feelings towards him do to it, just hoped it wouldn't destroy his marriage.

Kyra Tavrius - Leigh's sister was the coldest in the family, the lady. Always disciplined, always ignoring the relationship Leigh and Antuan had. She burried her hands in books, learning what she was made to learn but never showing interest for politics. Her future was sealed when she met her husband Callius. With her marriage t him, her sister simply became content with being someone's wife. The new union took Kyra away from the family home, to Callius's family estate where in her own mind, she became the queen of a small land owned by her husband.

Michael Christman - The love of Leigh's life and her best friend. When they met, she was still a teenager, very young and despite their age difference, their friendship continued and eventually turned into love. She was only seventeen when they decided they wish to become husband and wife due to which they spoke to her parents who gave their consent, though a bit reclutantly at the time, and the two married months after. He was originally kidnapped and went missing for a number of years and when he returned, arriving to her on Dantooine, Leigh was happier than she had been in so long but when he declared he was leaving their home once more to travel, her heart was broken once again but eventually, she learned to live with his decision and still loves and holds to her vows to him after so many years.

Kayla Christman - Her eldest daughter and the one most like Leigh, Kayla caught on to things very quickly and became her mother's most trusted child. Even so young, her daughter realized she was eldest of four and helped her mother when ever she could. Unlike Leigh, the girl grew up seeing that the Force was no enemy and the few powers that naturally developed in her were trained as much as it was possible from her mother. When Kayla declared she would become a Jedi, nobody was happier than Leigh was.

Anakin and Annika Christman - Leigh's twin children came as wanted surprise same as Kayla and from the started, Leigh promised herself to love them equally. Much like Kayla, neither was forced into any future and was told that from the beginning. While Annika was born blind, a fact which originally scared Leigh, seeing how strong the girl was, on her own and in the Force, the mother learned never to fear for Annika's life or future. Though Anakin's decision was to follow his grandfather and Uncle into politics, Leigh somewhat didn't find it a surprise, seeing both of the men inside her son, just like there was his father.

Mimi Christman - The youngest of her children, Leigh has no different feelings for the girl though perhaps she was a bit more mothering to her when she arrived, part of her feeling she would be her last daughter. Leigh missed the signs on Mimi, never too sure what would become of her.

Adrianna Fiore - One of Leigh's closest and perhaps oldest after Michael in duration, Leigh trains under Adrianna and has done for years. The two met when Leigh joined the Order and her devotion to the woman happened shortly after. It was under Adrianna that Leigh discovered more of her powers, fell in love with Y'Sad and eventually became a knight. But after all that time, the two continue to have an active Master/Apprentice relationship with a strong friendship.

Personal Posessions Edit

Property on Tatooine - A beautiful medium sized house build above the Bergen residence on her home planet, the residence was a wedding present from her parents, given to her and Michael on the very day. It's a two sory house, with a large space decorated as both a kitchen and a living room, with a couple additional rooms to its side (the bathroom and spare bedroom used for storage), while the second floor is a small hallway on top of the stairs with rooms from left to right (Anakin's, girl's room - Annika and Mimi's, Kayla's room and Leigh and Michael's master bedroom). There is no back entrance to the house. Upon the birth of her children, Leigh insisted they create a will which leave the house to all four of their children.

Grandmother's lightsaber -
Lightsaber blue

Her grandmother's lightsaber

Though her parents didn't agree with Leigh's choice in the beginning, her mother revealed to her eventually the Jedi heritage she comes from and while telling the story which also explained why the woman was so against her daughter's choice at first, she also gave her the blue beamed lightsaber that belonged to Leigh's grandmother who was a Jedi Master of the order while alive.

Wedding & Engagament Rings - Leigh has two rings, the only jewerly that perminately remains on her finger, both given to her by her husband Michael Christman, one when he proposed, the other that matches his which he put on her finger on the day they were married. With him not in her life right now, she treasures them even more, as a reminded of the good times.

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