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Force Spirit
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Naha'va Martin
Lenavina Mar
Birth year
20 BBY
Genetically created Human
110 lbs
Eye Color
Piercing Blue
Hair Color
James Martin (husband, d.)
Angel Bellard (fiancé,d.)
Miriam Marvel (d.)
Adam Marvel (d.)
Hadrian (twin)
Alexandra Thorn

Naha'va, labeled as HE-781267 is an artificially created Human created on Kamino a year before the First Galactic Empire was proclaimed. Her genetic structure makes a near unique speciment.

Mother of only Lenavina through out her life, adopted mother to Rylan Kordel and was legal guardian to Amaryllis Bellard after the girl's family died. After two cloned bodies, trained under Empire Palpatine and Cameron Centurion most notably before she was killed by her latest Master.

Unknown to anyone but her Ward, original Naha'va made two clones at the same time. The second refers to herself as Alexandra Thorn.While dead today, Lenavina probably has the best belief, never thinking her mother will just give up and truly die...


Created in the cloning facilityEdit

One year before the birth of the First Galactic Empire, an order was issued to begin creating Royal Guards on Kamino. This was to be a hidden experiment of creating utter loyal guards to the Supreme Chancellor. The Kamino scientists wondered about it yet when the credits came in, they did as they were told. They were given specific instructions on what the clone had to be like, right down to the last detail. Age, endurance, strength, agility - all to be hyped. Even the issue of a clorid level being meddled with was part of the order.

Within months, the first clone was made, a female one, under the name HE-781267. It was rather odd when the scientists discovered a female clone instead of a male one. As soon as they did, they sent message to Coruscant to inform the staff of the Supreme Chancellor of the mistake. At first, they were ordered to destroy the clone and start over but then, a message came back from the Chancellor himself, instructing them to continue her growth.

A suitable surrogate mother was then found to carry out the pregnancy for a normal period of time. This woman was blonde, strong and incredibly smart. And from what little the scientists knew about her, she was married to a republic soldier this was a way to salute him for his work. But they were never to ask for her name, and she was referred to as subject 28917, in all and any files.

Hollowart cm004

Subject 28917, Glorificus Marvel

Eight months after the implementation, news came that the subject was ready for childbirth. A doctor arrived from Coruscant then and the scientists were ordered to stand down. During the labor, stormtroopers remained posted at the doors with explicit commands to shoot anyone who wished to enter the delivery room so the scientists remained outside. When the doctor finally left the room, carrying a small infant in his arms that was still crying. She was handed to one of the female Kaminians with the order of looking after her. She was not to leave the facility before someone arrived to pick her up. When the stranger left however, one of the scientists came to find the subject 28917 dead. They could not be sure whether she died at childbirth or something else was wrong but he did notice odd markings on her neck before the body was disposed of.

Naha'va as a small child.

The baby was then branded with her number. It wasn't long after that she was called Naha'va which was never meant to stick but rather something she could be called while in the facility. She was very adorable as a child, very bright and began to pick up on things quite early. Right away it was noticed that despite the subject being a blonde haired woman, Naha'va was a brunette with matching eyes. She was only six months old when she began to show intelligence of a two year old, despite being incredibly small. At the age of two, she was already able to speak and move as a three year old, despite looking like she was only a year old. She showed much love and affection to her creators. To her, they were her parents, all of them. And she treated them with such respect. One could not help but wonder what greatness she could achieve if she remained with them.

Imperial Royal Guard AcademyEdit

When she was three, she was already a very careful observer that liked to mimic the actors of the scientists. But in that very year, a group of Imperials came to take her to Coruscant. She was given two tutors there. One that taught her languages, writing and etiquette while the other trained her in various skills. She was with the two of them until she turned nine and she was sent to the Imperial Royal Guard Academy when it opened on Yinchorr where she would spend the years in training, becoming a Royal Guard.


Imperial Royal Guard Academy

She would be given her very first lessons there. At first, many did not want to spar with her. She was a child to them, someone who had no business fighting or perfecting her combat skills. But this changed the more she was around them, as they began to see she was quite capable, even in the early stages. There was something graceful about the child. She was incredibly fast in her movement and could stand on her feet longer than some of the men even. They began to respect her for what she was.

Young Naha'va arrives to the Academy.

Naha'va on the other hand learned much from this place. She learned what it meant to rely on others to achieve victor, she learned how to keep her guard up and while trusting others, trust herself. She learned to two use two weapons at once. She also learned what it meant to lose people. Many died during training, making her learn the ultimate lesson all while she was still so young and that was that everyone left. In the end, she would do best to rely on herself.

Due to her small physique, she was chosen by her trainers to keep her there for a slightly longer period. The regular period was one year but it was decided that she would remain for two. After she finished the first year, Naha'va worked with recruits as a semi-trainer before the head trainer deemed her ready and put her upon The Squall before Emperor Palpatine himself. It was the final test of any Royal Guard and the one that survived was sent to become one to the Emperor.

Naha'va was victorious in the final test but it was a bit risky considering her opponent nearly pushed her to the hatch. It was a long fall and if it hadn't been for her agility, she would have met her early death that very day. Instead, she picked her senses and moved to the side and before he could react, stabbed him with both her blades, took them them out and jumped in the air, hitting him with ehr feet as she turned around a full circle in the air, causing him to be the one that fell through the hatch. It was then that the Emperor was informed who she was, explaining the amazement of a small child being able to defect a fully grown man.

Two red lightsabersEdit

Within the next week, Naha'va was back sent to Coruscant. She was still too small to wear a Royal Guard uniform so a special one was being prepared for her. In the mean time, she continued her studies and training that she had left behind when sent to Yinchorr. She was also given a present, her first lightsaber. A tutor was assigned to her then, one that seemed to be quite a lightsaber dueler himself. Naha'va showed her skills quite well. Her tutor, not a master, having studied her early movements with the weapon, saw it best to teach her the Makashi technique. It seemed perfect for the young girl. She possessed enough grace, precision and elegance to master it, which she would nearly do in only a couple of years.


One of two identical lightsabers

When it was time to practice, Naha'va did nothing more than that. Her tutor insisted on it and Naha'va saw it as the only way to achieve perfection. Through the years, in small measures, she was also imprinted with the loyalty towards the Empire, and to the Emperor himself even more. To her, the man was nothing less than a divine creature. Whenever she managed to catch a glance of him, she never saw him for what he was. She didn't see his distorted face or his damaged voice. She saw nothing else but perfect in every way.

Her tutor took her to contruct her very own lightsaber after he was sure that she was ready. But when they arrived to the planet, Naha'va asked the man if she could make two instead of one. It was something that came all of a sudden to him but from her experience with two blades. Her request was granted and once they returned to Coruscant, she began training with her new lightsabers.

A new testEdit

She was fourteen and looking like she was seven years old when she would finally get to meet her hero in person. Despite her small growth, the staff worried, she would never step out of it and she was already quite capable of being a Royal Guard. So she was put to yet another test since it had been three years since the one in the Academy. Naha'va passed it easily, nearly taking the life of another Guard.

This time, she was indeed given the title of a Royal Guard and gained her uniform. It was obvious she did not belong with the others but it didn't matter. For Naha'va was coming closer and closer to her dreams. t would have been an apsolute dream if her tutor didn't take her aside and told her the story of the Emperor's Hands . As soon as Naha'va heard it, she wanted nothing more than to become one.


Naha'va during training.

Exactly one year after becoming part of the Emperor's Royal Guard, Naha'va was introduced to another form of lightsaber training. Already having mastered the gracefull form of it, her tutor believed she was ready for a more agressive approach that relied on combination of power, strength and speed. At the same time, he introduced her to a form of martial arts that he felt would go well with her Form IV that he began to teach her, as they were very similiar in approach. Both required speed, endurance, concentration and acrobat movements which were in fact the very things Naha'va posessed naturally.

Slaughter of RebelsEdit

The year would also be of great relevance to Naha'va because she would discover a small group of soldiers plotting to take down the Emperor. Whether or not they would succeed in their plan wasn't of great importance but it was the fact that when they were discovered by Naha'va, she was furious of what they were doing. In her eyes, they were not only planning on striking their own leader but they also dared to even consider hurting her hero. Enraged, Naha'va drew out her weapons and took them out before they could even draw their own weapons on her. The last one did however, firing upon her but Naha'va was quick enough to deflect it before she struck him as well.


Emperor Palpatine

Once done with them, she called for her tutor who on the other hand went to inform the Emperor himself of what the child had done. This made Palpatine call forth the child to bow before him. Having studied everything that had happened in the room, he offered her a single thing she desired to ask for it, to show hi gratitute. Naha'va really wanted on thing and that was to be the Emperor's Hand. After a seconadry laugh in which the Emperor though she was only only joking and eeing she found nothing amusing in the subject, he made a serous face and granted her her wish.

Emperor's HandEdit

From that day forward, all information of Naha'va faded. Only the pure basics and rumors remained. The only one that would ever really see her were the Emperor and her old tutor. She still came back to him for sparring but by now, the Emperor had taken over her training personally, to teach her all that her tutor could not. The Emperor further the forms that Naha'va knew and taught her several tricks she could use in lightsaber duels. He also taught her force abilities that her tutor neglected.


Naha'va takes in her Master's lessons wholeheartedly.

By the age of twenty, Naha'va had quite a record behind her. She handled assignments on a weekly basis and assassinated a great deal of people. Where Palpatine sent her, she went and did her duty. Her kill record was twenty at a time. Even though she was given a chance to use a wide range of weapons, she refused them all.


Naha'va carries out an assignment.

Naha'va felt most comfortable using her lightsabers. She took no joy in the killing nor did she remember their faces or names once it was done. For Naha'va it was the joy of completing missions and bringing victory to her Master. She had even been sent with Lord Vader to observe the Council of Moffs aboard the first Death Star . However, she was called to another assignment before the actual desctructon. After she finished it and heard what had happened, she believed that her Emperor had foreseen it and wanted her off before it would take her life. For all the powers Naha'va had, the ability to sense the future wasn't among them.


James Martin

At the age of twenty one, Naha'va was sent to murder a middle positioned member of the Rebels. Though she did finish the job, it took her longer than planned and longer than Palpatine had set the task on her. He had others for her to deal with and she was upsetting his plans. So instead of giving her another assignment when she returned to him, she was punished by being sent to Naboo, ordered to stay there, away from everyone, not to take lives and lay low until she was summoned. However when she said "Yes, Master" to his order, Naha'va didn't know that it would be the planet where she would experience love and have a child.


Naha'va observes James Martin prior to approaching him.

Marrying a Rebel fanEdit

His name was James Martin and he was quite handsome but he had one major flaw in Naha'va's eyes - his family favored the Old Republic over her Master . Having been instructed to lay low, Naha'va would not kill him on their first meeting and would fall in love with him soon enough. Within months, the two were married and Naha'va bared him a daughter.


The mother watches her newborn baby.

It was quite funny really. At the time, Naha'va looked like a very mature teenager, too old for her age in personality and intelligence. But none of it mattered because for a whole year, it was a blissful time. Sometimes, she would even forget about her Master or that there was a war going on out there. And for twelve months since meeting him, Naha'va felt James loved her enough to accept the truth about her, so she told him who she was.


Young Lena'ha


Banished from her husband's home, Naha'va chooses to spare him for the sake of the child forcefully left in his care.

Except, she was wrong because the next thing she knew, James and his mother were throwing her out and telling her she would never see their daughter Lena'ha again. Her first instict was to kill him but because of the daughter they made together, she chose not to. Instead, she did as told and left. But she made a promise that she would see the girl again, no matter what James said.

The death of her HeroEdit


Naha'va bows before her Master once more.

A year of wondering took place before Naha'va was summoned by the Emperor to the new Death Star. There she came, and as soon as she arrived, the young woman admitted to having a child and what the man did to her. The Emperor questioned her why she spared his life then once he had gotten his answer, he smiled at her and promised her to united her with her daughter. Of course, she would never know whether he was going to keep his promise or not because he would not live longer than that very time.

Death star

The second Death Star

Naha'va was ordered to eliminate the remaining rebels once he was finished with what he had planned on Endor, the planet they were orbiting. Given her orders, she bowed her head once more at the man and turned to live. Before leaving though, she gave him once last glance for it was when she got the strangest of feelings, as if she would never see him again. But the Emperor assured her, they would, as if he had read her mind.

Having heard that, Naha'va left the Death Star to one of the other ships to prepare for her mission before she receieved word on where the current Rebel base was. She traveled there, only to receieve a message that told her that the Emperor was dead and the First Galactic Empire had fallen. It was not directed to her but instead, it was a message transmitted to everyone. Naha'va stopped then. Her entire life lost meaning from that point on.

Even though she knew that she should have finished her task but there was really no task to finish anymore. The Emperor's plans were to take out the biggest issues among the Rebels but this part had failed. She could have gone and taken lives despite it, just to work through her plan but she had chosen not to.

For the following six years, Naha'va disappeared into the shadows. Despite hearing of the rebels victory and the last of the Grand Admirals trying to re-create the Empire, she chose to take not part in it. The Emperor's Hand had faith in only one man and that man was gone to her. Well, he wasn't all that gone. Though she knew of his death, Naha'va was given a promise by Palpatine that they would meet again and it was that same promise that kept her away from the affairs of the galaxy. And Naha'va believed her Master more than anyone else in the galaxy, so she waited and trained for six years before finally receieving word.

A Promise kept Edit

He summoned her aboard his current ship, Eclipse-class Star Dreadnaught, Eclipse II, where Naha'va was surprised by a rapidly degenerating clone of her Master. No longer did he shine in her eyes as he once did, it seemed as if the illusion to which she had grown up to had faded with his first death. But her devoting remained unchanged. The Emperor told his young apprentice that he had been advised to possess the still unborn child of Leia Organa-Solo. For the first time, his Hand tried to argue with him, but with only a single question: "Haven't the Skywalkers betrayed you enough, Master?" which seemed to surprise him for some reason but it seemed like Naha'va already knew that the Senator was Luke Skywalker's sister and the daughter of Lord Vaer. Never the less, his word was final. He would do as he set out to when the cloning wasn't an option.


The Last clone of Palpatine

But the reason for summoning her was quite different. The Emperor had forseen the future, a future in which he would perish. He saw the arrival of a powerful Sith Lord, with quite an appropriate last name. Starkiller. It was this man that would be of great important for his arrival was shown in an old prophecy. The Emperor derranged from the subject for a moment and considered his prediction being wrong but he would be able to master this man into his greatness but the moment passed and Palpatine gave his final order to his apprentice: "The Empire will rise again, my child, whether I am here to see it or not, I expect you to. Lord Vader has betrayed me but I feel it in you, you will not. Remain in the shadows for the time bing and when you feel the time is right and you will, rise again."

The prophecy of Lord Starkiller

But how would she know when the time was right? "You will know because it will be after this Lord Starkiller upholds his part of the prophecy and it will be after your own daughter settles herself on a prominant position." Her daughter? Naha'va had mentioned Lena'ha only once, before he passed, and now he was claiming her daughter would rise to a prominent level in this new Empire.

Never the less, his word was law to his Hand as he had fortold, Naha'va saw no reason for it not to be that way. She left to obey his wishes and hoping beyond hope that her Master would do as 'planed and be born in his new body.

Before she actually went into hiding though, Naha'va traveled to Naboo. Her daughter had just turned nine and the woman wanted to catch a glimpse of her before disappearing in the furthest parts of the galaxy to uphold to her order. Somewhere along the way, she got a feeling again. This time, it told her he was gone.

First ApprenticesEdit



While Naha'va kept to order, she kept tabs on her family. Not just Lena'ha but she had also discovered her twin brother Hadrian of whose existance no one knew but her at that point. Meeting him, she got close to him and learned he had fathered a child. Before leaving with the valuable piece of information, Naha'va felt the Force flowing through her brother and instructed him on a few lessons in force powers and fighting. In return, Hadrian promised to train what he had learned and be more able by the time she returned to him.

Alita Velos

Soon enough, Naha'va met this child Hadrian had told her about. Alita Velos. The woman was strong in the Force for which the woman had hoped for. Through the course of time, the woman ensured the woman would remain in hibernation at times while at others, she trained the female, slowly preparing her for what was to come. Naha'va filled the girl's mind with lessons and stories, orders and whispers. She had a purpose for the girl in the future and made sure it would all happen as planned. Expect, considering her orders to remain in hiding, Naha'va made sure the woman had no memory of who she was. She also learned that her niece had taken a husband and while she learned all she could of the man through Alita without the woman knowing, she saw no interes tin the man at the time.

When she was done with Alita, Naha'va merely left her to her own fate, with the knowledge and lessons imprinted on the girl. As expect, she had checked up on her to make sure she had no recollection of who had done it all to her.

Years in the shadowsEdit

For fifty years, Naha'va was nothing more than a shadow. After she was done with Alita, she only remained in contact with her twin brother, progressing his abbilities in the Force. For everyone else, she was nothing more than a shadow of what she once was, a shadow of the galaxy. She did not interact with anyone else, nor did she befriend. She chose solitude because it was easier to keep herself from everything that way. Every so often, she would visit Kamino, for check ups and to see those she considered her parents. Even they noticed the change in her.

Lena'ha when they meet

It was on one of those meetings, that she came face to face with her daughter. She already knew who she was when she laid eyes on her because she had been keeping tabs on her over the years. It was the only thing that kept her going through her shadow. But when she finally sat down to talk to her, she was surprised what she really learned about her.

It was actually quite odd how similiar they were. Naha'va had a duty to preform which involved her living years and years to come but Lena'ha on the other hand felt she hadn't accomplished enough to perish and wanted to be cloned. Despite her own duty, she warned the younger woman that despite her reasons, she might not achieve what she planned out. Truth was, Naha'va did not wish to discourage her daughter from going through with what she had planend but insteed, streighten it. And as suspected, Lena'ha was stubborn as she was on certain issues and this was one of them. She left her daughter than, convinced that her daughter would do exactly what she was supposed to.

While there was a part of her that kept calling her back to Kamino despite the fact that she had gone and Naha'va followed that instict. So when the clone came to life, Naha'va realized what she had to do with it. She suggested to Lena'ha that she would train the girl, prepare her for all that awaited for her out there.

Training the cloneEdit

For ten years while the clone grew, Naha'va poured everything from her to teach her all that she knew. It started very early from the very basics. While neither her daughter nor this child were force sensitive, Naha'va didn't allow that to stop her as she place the lightsabers in the girl's hands, training her even in the forms of lightsaber combat, working on the natural skills the girl already possessed.

99202 scar2 122 228lo

The clone of her daughter

Naha'va was harsh as a teacher, more to this girl than she had been to Hadrian or Alita . This was her daughter and she expected far more from her than anyone else. She pushed and pushed until there was no more to push from the clone but it made her more prepared than anyone else could have expected. And like herself, Lena'ha was a perfectionist so everything thrown at her, she threw back, demanded more.

By the time she was finished with the girl, the new Lena could harness the Stava skill amost as perfect as Naha'va and some other acrobatic movements that ended up amazing her trainer. Due to her flaw of not being force sensitive as Naha'va saw it, she didn't only stop with the lightsaber with the clone but expended to various other weapons.

The new Lena was was ten, looking like she was almost twenty by then, the first Lena growing old at the same time. Naha'va told them then: "The Empire will rise again, girls. And when the time is right, one of you will be in the right place. Rember that. The Empire needs you. The Emperor needs you. I need you." And once she had said it, Naha'va was gone again and from what she later learned, so was the clone. But Lena'ha remained on Kamino. 

Wayward ChildrenEdit

After spending years on Kamino and training her daughter's clone, Naha'va vanished from the world in a matter of speaking though she kept a close eye on the clone and the two daughter Lenavina gave birth to (which her daughter never knew she knew about it). For a while, she let the clone have her fun as part of the Black Sun but was content with her affirmation into the Galactic Empire, along with Hevana and Tesla joining the Imperials as well. 
Jedi temple carbon freezing chamber

Carbon freezing chamber

However, it wasn't for long. Soon enough, she was noticing Lena had gotten herself in a relationship, Hevana had taken favor to females and after an engagement focused solely on her pleasures. This would not do.

Sela Ward 03

Naha'va in her later years

For a little while, Naha'va let the girls be but when nothing was changing, she took matters into her own hands. She first knocked on Lena's doors and knocked her out, after which she abducted Hevana. When the clone awoke, both were chained, with Hevana still passed out from her blow. 

"Wayward children need to be punished," she told the girl before starting the freezing process. The plan was to keep them frozen for a hundred fifty years. She also told them that and lowered both. From then on, she went to find Tesla so she could freeze her as well.


The Clone that became Lenavina Mar

Being Lenavina MarEdit

However, at the same time, knowing where she had stored her daughter's clone, Naha'va went back to Kamino. The body she was using was starting to wear out and she needed a change so had a clone made, whom she trained during her accelerated growth rate into the arts she was taught. Her clone, like herself, was Force Sensitive. But she did educate herself into who her daughter was and her clone. Having been following her daughter's clone the entire time, she had immense knowledge of Lena and thus taught the clone all of her history. 

Before finishing with the clone, she altered date on one known Lenavina Mar, specifically her face. Due to which no one would suspect her being Lenavina and thus deleting all existance of her daughter's clone being an assassin for the Black Sun. She didn't however touch her Galactic Empire history because that she was alright with. 


"Lena" with Angel

The clone went out into the world knowing who she truly was and whom she was meant to be. Old Naha'va remained behind and vanished truly. However, while the original one disappeared, the young one took a surprising turn. She ended up doing what Naha'va once did - met a man. To this man, she introduced herself as Lenavina Mar and started a life with. They became engaged and she became pregnant. At the end of her third trimester, she contacted her predeccessor and told her what had happened but before Naha'va could reach her, the Black Sun assassin caught up with her clone and assassinated her. 

Pregnant "Lena"

The girl's fiancé, Angel Bellard, had a friend extract the unborn baby and had it brought to term. Naha'va arrived far too later, only to find out a Lenavina Mar had been burried and the baby was developing. She chose to stay away for the time being but kept a close eye on the family from then on.

However, due to what had happened, Naha'va realised it was truly time for a new clone. A proper one, not one that would ne Lenavina Mar. Though the clone had, in an odd way, served a purpose of ending the Black Sun Lena era.

Cloning herselfEdit

Fourty years passed until Naha'va resurfaced again. She did once before because she had heard rumors of a Telos Holocron of the late Emperor existing, offering his knowledge to future aspiring Sith. However when she did reach her destination, she was informed that the Jedi had gotten to it a long time ago and it was no longer there so the woman returned into hiding until the age of 120. She was actually only sixty at the time but she didn't feel all that great n the body she had anyone and felt it was time for a chance.


Naha'va clone shortly after creation

She returned to Kamino then. There she learned that Lena'ha had died but heard nothing of her clone for a long time so she asked the scientists. Once she mentioned her, the young scientists informed her of a contract made with her that had been nearly forgotten in the archives. They asked her what they should do and she insisted the contract be honored. It was rather disappointing not to hear word from her Apprentice but once her own clone was made and began to develop, she took it and traveled away from Kamino. Naha'va had to prepare herself for a second life.

The real Naha'va shortly before her death

In the ten years that came after that, a new version of Naha'va was taught basic apprentice ability, wth the lightersabers and Force skills, even slightly actual combat. Her predecessor didn't feel it was yet time for the true Empire to rise and there was still not mention of the Sith Lord that was prophesied yet so Naha'va decided to take her time. Perhaps it was the original Naha'va achieved wisdom in the years she had lived while her clone had yet to but whatever the reason, one night as she slept after a long training session, the cloned creeped into her room and slid her throat. And as the real Naha'va woke up gasping for her life, the last thing she would see was her Apprentice smiling down upon her.

Naha'va in her cloned form

A new Naha'vaEdit

When the original one was gone, ten year old Naha'va, fully developed by now, felt she was finally free. She felt like she had everything in her grap with Naha'va's memories inside her, she felt she had even more. After ten years plassed while young naha'va traveled the galaxy, learning various things before he began hear the names Xander Starkiller and Shery deWinter. It all came crashing back to Naha'va as she remmeber the order of the late Emperor. To wait for the arrival of the Sith'ari and his destructon of the Sith Order. The time was coming, she knew then.

Having remembered the order, she began looking for her daughter. Lenavina Martin. She was out there, Naha'va knew, having remebered her old version telling the Kaminians to clone her around the same time she was created. But when she did find her, Naha'va was surprised to learn that her daughter had married and had two small children. And not n an prominent position yet as Palpatine had forseen. This told her that the time had come.


Lena with her husband

A cry in the ForceEdit

Still unsure who she is, Naha'va hears a cry in the Force that leads her to Bastion where she finds Amaryllis Bellard orphaned and takes her as her Wards. For years to come, Naha'va raises the girl and trains her a great many things.

Watching her family fall apartEdit

Instead of going back to lurking though, Naha'va stayed close by, keeping a close eye on what was going with Lenavina and her family. When she learned what had happened aboard the ship where Lena's family was, she went into research to learn what exactly had happened after her daughter was informed of the tragedy. While nothing was known on formal channels, Naha'va traveled to Onderon, only to learn of a small child by the name of Amelia being taken in by the Red Lady, which was quite interesting

Amelia Caezar, her granddaughter

considering that the bordel itself belonged to Shery deWinter , the very same one that took down the Sith along side Lord Starkiller.

Michael Caezar, her grandson

Somehow, it all seemed to be falling into it's place by now. And the clone decided to do nothing. She didn't go in and take the girl home, not then or any other time when she came back to check up on the girl to make sure she was alright. Each time time she came, Naha'va noticed Amelia was happy. She didn't know anything about the life she led before the Red Lady and it was home to her. And maybe she would come to her some day and tell her the truth but Naha'va had other plans at that time and her granddaugther seemed perfectly happy beng a whole so who was she to stop it.

A few more years passed as Naha'va kept close tabs on her daughter only to learn she had already joined the newly formed Empire and began rising in position. She knew the time was coming, her time was coming.


Cameron Centurion

Return to the Empire and tutorship under Lord IlluminusEdit

And she was right because by the age of thirty-six, word came to her that Lenavina had be promoted to Assistant Chief in the Imperial Intelligence and even more curiously, she had been emploayed as the executive assistant to non other than the son of Lord Starkiller and Lady deWinter. It all seemed far too interesting for Naha'va but even more, it joyed her that hte time had come for her to truly join the universe once more.

With her return the Empire, Naha'va found herself under Cameron Centurion's tutorship, thanks to whom she achieved knighthood (the actual ceremony was conducted by her nephew-in-law Rylan Kordel, a young man who once didn't interest her but having seen him survive this long, suddenly made all the difference in the world).

Truth about Amelia and Naha'va's WardEdit


Amelia Chase

After the actual ceremony, she informed the new Director of Imperial Intelligence, Alistair Starkiller, that her granddaughter Amelia was alive, uniting her daughter with the one member of her allegedly deceased family only so she could get Amela under her own tutorship, freeing her unknown Force abilities in a short training sesion. While doing so, Amelia of course always had her back up plans which was raising Rylan's clone but also a much darker secret.

Amaryllis Bellard

Amaryllis Bellard was her great grand niece, a girl that had lost her entire family at the age of six. What Amaryllis never knew was that she was the granddaughter of Lena's first clone so while all her known family was gone, she still had others in the galaxy. Naha'va approached the girl then and took her under her guardianship, raising the daughter, training her and preparing her. She often called the girl a prodidgy, pushing her further and further until one day she heard that a dynast-king was forming his own Empire and she sent Amaryllis to join them, not revealing her actual plans yet.

Rylan's CloneEdit

Naha'va's nephew-in-law clones himself and she adopts the young child and raises him as her own.


Naha'va shortly before her death

Return of her latest MasterEdit

For all the time she had to prepare her other plans, Lord Illuminus had disappeared into the galaxy and then returned again. Briefly, she returned to her training and was sent on different mission by her new Master . While a strong part of her still strongly was faithful to the deceased Emperor Palpatine, a new devotion arose to her new Master never the less.

Death at the hand of Lord IlluminusEdit

However, in his eyes, Naha'va was progressing enough so during a mission to Contruum, after she reporte to him, he came for her, only to take her life. While she initially responded to his attack, Naha'va was always the student to her Masters and when he decided it was time for her to die, she accepted this.

Sasha, Sasha...Edit


Alexandra 'Sasha' Thorn

But if one was to believe that it was true the end of Naha'va, one truly didn't know the woman at all. While one body had been destroyed, deep within the galaxy, a young woman was growing up. A young woman who had no knowledge of her past, no knowledge of all her sins, raised in a family of love, haunted by dreams of a live she didn't understand yet, seeing faces that felt so familiar to her but she could never understand why that was.

This young woman was given a different name, she never truly knew she was a clone, just a her adopted parents didn't know think of her anything else but their child.

Perhaps someday, she would remmeber who she truly is, who she was, what she was capable of. Perhaps by then, she would see all that she was meant to be. And maybe she would return to galaxy just as Naha'va really was or perhaps as new Naha'va, one the galaxy or the past had never seen before. That, only time will tell.

Nessarose deWinter

The PosessionEdit

Deep from the after life, Naha'va was not easy to accept her demise, watching over those she had left behind. Much work was still to be done but she herself had never had the gifts to ensure her return on her own. Fate would have it that Alexandra crossed paths with none other than Nessarose deWinter who, with the little information she was given, performed an Invoke Spirits spell on the young woman, giving Naha'va her chance to slid through the veil between ours and theirs world.

Quickly choosing the weaker of the two Force Users, Naha'va took Alexandra over, completely taking over but without initial access to the woman's memories. The moment she had been waiting for, Naha'va accepts her destiny of taking over the body of her sister clone and through talking with Nessarose deWinter, she learns of the fate that fell upon the Empire in Exile as well as the Sith Imperium, receiving knowledge of what happened to Lord Starkiller, Lady deWinter and that her only daughter is indeed still with the former Imperial Intelligence Director.

During their conversation, Nessarose receieves a verbal vision which speaks of a homeworld being taken over by enemies, lost from one's grip forever. Naha'va has but one possible idea on what it all means, seeing as her only remaining home in this galaxy is Kamino and her one true enemies will forever be Rebels, no matter what name they choose to call themselves.

Personal PropertiesEdit


Naha'va holding her favorite weapons

Identical lightsabersEdit

It was during her training on Coruscant that Naha'va first learned the forms of dueling, while still using a training lightsaber shortly before she was taken to create her own. But due to her training at the Royal Guard Academy where she used two blades at a time, the girl requested to make two identical red lightsabers. Her wish was granted and the same two weapons were by her side for decades later.

The same weapons were used in Lena's training and later passed down to the clone when she began her training. Naha'va kept the same two weapons with her until the very end and while she receieved training in other weapons through the years, she trusted no weapon like the two identical ones.

Wedding ring

The wedding ring

Wedding ringEdit

The single piece of jewelry Naha'va had ever been given was the wedding ring James put on her finger on the day of their wedding. While their marriage ended after only a brief time and on bad terms, Naha'va believing him to be nothing but means to an end, her daughter, she never took the ringer of her finger. When at times she would look at it, the ring was a symbol for all that love stood for, all the bad, all the useless in this galaxy. For the one time she had been fooled to believed there was such a thing, the ring was to forever remind her of such a ridiculous notion and never to be repeated again.


Living Room



Coruscanti ApartmentEdit

When Naha'va returned to Coruscant, she stayed in various place as her heart ached for a single place she could never return to - the Imperial palace. So when that idea was put the rest, she got herself a small apartment where she could rest and train, gather her thoughts. It's simple alignment of already scarce number of furniture through out the living room joined with the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It's a place to simply spend limited time in rather than to suffer through hotel rooms and other rented rooms.

Since there's no will written out by Naha'va, the only legal relative left after her is Amaryllis, making the young blonde girl the sole heir of all that the woman owned.

Outfits Edit

If there is one thing that Naha'va has spent more time on than actually decorating her place or residence though not as much as her training, that would be her outfits created to be confotable, flexable and endurable. Throughout the times, the woman has learned what she can work in, what she can train in, what will make her less noticable at times while at others, make her quite noticable. There are few specific outfits Naha'va herself designed, a collection of them in what Lena's first clone worked in all the time.

As far as Naha'va's own collection, it's really hard to tell how many of them she had optationed over the years and while she didn't always have a residence, Naha'va had always kept a sort of storage space where the outfits as well as weapons and her credits were kept in safety, and for her use when she required.

Powers list and other abilitiesEdit

Force PowersEdit

Apprentice Knight Mistress

Neutral Powers

Darkside Powers

Neutral Powers

Darkside Powers

Neutral Powers

Darkside Powers

Lightsaber abilitiesEdit

Naha'va in theory knows all lightsaber forms, however, since she was never trained to use her weapons against other force users, she was not trained to know how to use any form specifically, and therefor, her knowledge of them is purely theoretical and what she does is on sheer instinct. At times, she will recognize the form she or others use, but it won't happen often

Fighting abilitiesEdit



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