Nial von Deme
Von Deme

Birth planet



Captain 2nd Rank






186 cm


75 kg

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The Alliance


Nial is charismatic and comes along with most of the people he meets. He is an devoted leader and his main priority is keeping his crew battle ready. He fights his battles fair but if it is necessary he can be mean and he does enjoy a good beating of his opponent. He is loyal and respects his superiors and his crew is like a family to him. He bealives in the old code of honor. He doesn't lie atleast not to his crew and to his superiors he only lies when it is necessary. He is also very protective of his ship and would never abandon it.

He likes to tell jokes even if they happen to be bad sometimes. Even though he might look though and scary Nial is very kind hearted inside and only uses violence when it is necessary.


Born in Coruscant to Admiral Jamu von Deme and his wife Lucilla. His childhood was nothing from normal as his father was the Captain of the biggest Navy in the Galaxy. Being part of an Sith Naval Captains family was not easy and even in school they had some soldiers of the navy assigned to protect him and his siblings. He was the one that finished his school with good grades while both of his brothers left the school to be part of the army.
Nial's father wanted him to continue his school by going to the Naval Academy in Coruscant. He wasn't happy about this and he had hard time to manage in the navy. But soonhe started to like his studies and when the basic training was over he enlisted in to the NCO training. When his brothers were killed during an assault to Corellia his father decided to resign only to be called back few years later. Nial had allready finished his training and had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for his good service in the Navy. He was assigned to serve under his fathers fleet on the same ship but soon his first battle occured when the small partol fleet was ambushed by large group of pirates.

The fleet was utterly destroyed and only the flagship barely managed to escape the battle to Coruscant. Most of the crew was killed due to the heavy damage the ship had taken and one of these casualties was Nial's father. Nial returned home to tell her mother the bad news who didn't took it well, she had lost her husband and two of her sons. Year later she died. Nial decided that the Empire was not the real place to serve as it had allready cost him his family. He left to Dantoiine to start a new life, though he wanted to live quitly he was soon recruited by the Alliance navy and was given a command of an small capital ship as it's Captain.