The Battle of Eriadu




Decisive Imperial victory

Territorial Changes

riadu becomes a colony of the Sith Empire, Sith Empire assumes control of all trade ports


  • Sith Empire
  • Eriadu Republic

Commanders and Leaders

  • Sith Empire - Master Cameron Centurion, Sith Mistress Shery deWinter, Sgt. Veryn Xareth, other unknown field commanders
  • Eriadu Republic - Captain Corrax Talrus, other unknown field commanders


  • Sith Empire - 5,000 infantry, about 40 tanks, 4 AT-AT walkers (initial strike), about 100,000 reinforcements, thousands of artillery, dozens of warships
  • Eriadu Republic - About 750,000 soldiers across the entire planet, (about 2,000 garrisoned in fortress), about 30 fortress and anti-air defense guns in Eriadu and Phelar

Casualties and losses

  • Sith Empire - < 1000
  • Eriadu Republic - About 10,000 killed and wounded, hundreds of thousands taken prisoner or absorbed into Imperial army


  • Eriadu City Fortress Siege
  • Eriadu City
  • Phelar
The Battle of Eriadu was a takeover of the planet performed by the Sith Imperium.

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The forces of the Sith Imperium launch a stifling surprise attack on the planet of Eriadu. A single Imperial Battelgroup manages to occupy the system and completely neutralize the entire Eriadu Defense Force in mere hours. With well over 10,000 Eriadu citizens killed or seriously wounded and many more forced into brutal re-socialization programs by the Imperium, Eriadu becomes the newest colony of the Sith Imperium. Imperial officials consider it to be only one of many movements towards expanding the power and influence of the Sith Imperium throughout the galaxy.

Eriadu City Fortress SiegeEdit

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