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The Dessel/deWinter Sith Infiltrators were five ships constructed by Xander Starkiller during his reign as the Dark Lord within the Sith Imperium, one for each of the five children of his friend Lorcan Dessel with Shery deWinter.

Modifications[edit | edit source]

Each of the ships received the following modifications:

  • Mandalorian Iron Hull
  • Military Grade Shields
  • Stygium Cloaking Device (upgraded to last longer)
  • Double Engine Power,
  • Advanced Navicomputer
  • Hypderdrive Rating 0.5
  • Counter Measures:
    • Sensor Negators
    • Photon Absorbers
    • Thermal Dissipaters
    • Gracitic Modulator
    • 6 concealable solar ionization cannons capable of bypassing shields and melting hulls
  • Requires 1 crew member
  • Holds up to 6 passengers
  • Cargo can hold up to 2.5 metric tons
  • Can hold a month of supplies and provisions
  • Hypercomm Array
  • Advanced Medical Equipment
  • The ships are all black in exterior color, and have a starry motif, to better blend in space
  • Self Destruct Mechanism

The Ships[edit | edit source]

Giggledust[edit | edit source]

Morgaine deWinter, the eternal junkie, the eldest child of Xander and Shery, chose to name her ship the Giggledust, after her favorite spice. Within the little amount of time that she actually had it, she managed to crash the ship on at least five different occasions.

After Nessarose deWinter and Xander Starkiller made up and Nessarose was welcomed by all the members of the family again, she borrowed the ship from Morgaine, and holds it to this day. Although Morgaine consented to this, she has utterly forgotten about it, and does otherwise not even seem to remember she ever had it.

Alistair's Ship[edit | edit source]


The Ice Princess[edit | edit source]

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Shortly after she was given her present, Asteria deWinter, the middle child of Lorcan and Shery, named her ship the Ice Princess and did some remodeling of her own, turning one of the sleeping compartments into a form of a travel apartment and the Ready room into a kitchen/londge/living room while most of the other parts of the ship remained almost the same.

Cordelia's Ship[edit | edit source]


Shiny[edit | edit source]

True to her pink and bubbly self, Nessarose deWinter, the youngest child of Lorcan and Shery, chose to name her ship Shiny. Her time with it was shortlived though, as she programmed the ship to go back to Thule as she went off into the Unknown Regions. When her father disinherited her from the family, Shiny was given to Talia Starfire, Xander's Apprentice. Shiny remained with Talia for a while, even after Nessarose and Xander made up.

Recently, Nessarose has reacquired her ship from Talia.

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