The Spira Mansion

On the outskirts of its capital, Ataria City on Ataria Island sat a home over looking the ocean on a high plateau. This is the Spira Mansion, owned by Xander Starkiller and Lady Shery deWinter.

The Mansion's ResidentsEdit

Although owned by Xander and Shery, the Mansion houses as many people of the family as they could willingly put together. The people currently residing in the Mansion are as follows:

Points of Interest, Notable LuxuriesEdit

  • The Zoo - For many years, Xander Starkiller put a ban on pets in the house. After the ban was removed, Asteria and Nessarose received a credit card, and with that, purchased the whole Pet Market, save for the snakes it held. [1]
  • Shery's Closet Room - holds over 8,000 dresses and 2,000 pairs of shoes.
  • Teenage-girls-purple-bedroom-themes

    Nessarose's bedroom, paid for with Alistair's credit card.

    Military grade Security system (state of the art) - House and grounds
  • Military grade underground laboratory/workshop
  • Hardened underground fallout shelter (modified to suit the owners needs)
  • Full sized Landing pad
  • Regulation sized recreation courts x2
  • Full size in ground pool
  • Numerous Holonet transceivers
  • High Tech Sophisticated Computer System (state of the art) - Includes touch screen glass surfaces
  • Secure vaults
  • Exotic gardens

Events at the Spira MansionEdit

In no particular order:


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